We had a pretty nice weekend, I think, full of many of the simple domestic pleasures I missed in our studio apartment in Cleveland. Yesterday morning we biked up to the farmer’s market and bought a few things. Jennie and Rebecca were there, though without any yarn or roving to buy (and the sportweight alpaca lady wasn’t there either!). We chatted about spinning briefly, and I bought some plump Pink Lady and small dark Brandywine tomatoes, and a huge, fragrant, flowery bunch of basil with sharp pointed leaves–it looks like Thai holy basil, but green, not purple. They threw in a small round watermelon along with it. The folks from Wibs were there for the last time this year with their loudly chugging red enameled mill pouring out cornmeal, so I stocked up: 2 lbs buckwheat flour in a white cloth sack, 2 lbs white cornmeal, and 4 lbs whole-wheat flour. The fresh sage at another booth looked so nice, I had to pick some up despite having no plans for it. And it was mainly the thought of having to carry anything else on my bike that kept me from going crazy over the huge variety of summer heirloom tomatoes. We went to the library, I divested myself of three trash bags full of clothes at Goodwill, and I made whole wheat rotini with fresh tomato sauce (seasoned with hot peppers from our Thai bird pepper plant, which grew insanely huge and leafy under Jeanne’s care over the summer).

Today, I made John Thorne’s buckwheat pancakes–I think the recipe is from Serious Pig–which we ate with maple syrup and melted butter. Not bad, not great either. I think fermenting longer would help. I uncharacteristically attempted to clean the bathtub. Then we went to the Bryan Park pool and I went down the two waterslides about a million times. The sun is shining, cicadas are buzzing, Bloomington looks green and fresh and summery still.

We went on a Bret Michaels Rock of Love bender last night and watched the marathon for about five hours straight. (Tried to make up for the shame today by watching Unknown White Male) I made a pair of garter stitch fingerless mitts from handspun, Kool-Aid dyed yarn, disliked the bulkiness on my hand once I’d made the first one, and promptly frogged them–reknit them into a garter brim Kim’s Hat with earflaps from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, using the toddler-sized pattern, but the size 10 needles and bulky yarn made for a fairly charming adult-sized hat. I only knit to about 4″ before starting the crown decreases. It was nice to get something off the needles so quickly.

I’ve been swatching and futzing with charts for my new pattern. I also decided today to give up on the swatches I’d been working on for a hemp summer scarf and linen sweater. Not that I’ll give up on the projects, necessarily, but I don’t feel like I have enough time to get everything swatched to my satisfaction and prepped for the IK deadline, and I don’t want to rush my first submission to them. I don’t like feeling snowed under–would rather concentrate on a few things at a time and fully enjoy working on them instead of thinking of what I need to do next.

Oh, and with my new, handy ball winder, I got around to recycling a bunch of bulky-weight wool yarn from a giant, musty, gray, white, and red Greek sweater I bought from a garage sale. Because it was knit in three colors, I’m not sure if I’ll have enough of any one color for a full garment; I might just use it for accessories. The bulky weight yarn was used for seaming, too, which made it really easy to take apart. It was very old and dusty indeed–as I was cutting seams and frogging, I had some serious allergies, sneezing and itching, but I think it’s nothing a good wash won’t fix.