So tonight I met up with some ladies from the blogosphere/Ravelry/knittyboard–chemgrrl, All Buttoned Up, and Elliphantom–and we knitted and had beverages and talked, and it was quite lovely. Hello, blog ladies!

I’m now almost done with the top back of the Tilted Duster in light blue Plymouth Encore worsted (though I seem to have made a mess of the shoulder shaping due to distraction, and will have to redo it; apparently I can only knit stockinette, no shaping, while talking) and got home ravenously hungry. I’m heating some food and then I will go eat and fix the shoulder shaping and watch Planet Earth and wait for my boyfriend to come home. How funny that I can do several things at once in addition to my knitting, as long as none of them involves actually interacting with a human being.

I look forward to meeting up next time and getting to see Elli’s Beaverslide colorcards and  hopefully Nicole’s finished sock and Leigh’s finished Wicked, and I will bring my Rowan Calmer and my Selbuvotter to show and tell. Yay!