Well, I knitted a lot on my Tilted Duster this weekend while greedily consuming media: I watched bits of Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather on YouTube, and discs 2 and 3 of Planet Earth, and read Nevil Shute’s On the Beach, and am now a chapter or two into Winter World: The Ingenuity of Animal Survival, a book about animal adaptations to winter–hibernation, nesting, migration, etc. So now I’ve sewn together the fronts and back and woven in all the ends, and I’m chugging away at the sleeves. I definitely like having mindless stockinette to work on at any given time. I’m doing the sleeves two at a time, magic-loop, on my new Denises, and it seems to be going well. The red dye that completely coated the size 8 needle tips when I received the set has pretty much been scoured off by my knitting, and now you can only see faint traces on the very tips. I tried the sleeves on, though, and they will unfortunately be quite snug, unless I can fix this somewhat in blocking. I think this is partly due to the design of the sweater and partly due to my arms being kind of thick in proportion to my bosom. I think once I’ve finished the sleeves and set them in, I’ll do the collar next, and then finally go on to the skirt, which promises to be interminable.

I finished the knitting on a little piece for my sister’s 13th birthday (coming up this Friday). Hyacinth violet Lopi worked in two repeats of a Double Knot Cable from Charted Knitting Designs, with a provisional cast-on, and 3 knit sts on either edge. At the end of the second cable panel, decrease within the background purl stitches, 4x per row, maintaining cable crossings otherwise, until you have 22 sts on the needle. Work 6 rows even in stockinette, then bind off. Place sts from the provisional cast-on onto the needle and do the same on this side. I know it’s 1/2 a stitch off, but it looks fine for a purse. I bought some round black purse handles and striped cotton and an ombre-dyed wired black and white ribbon from Michael’s yesterday, and if all goes as planned, construction should proceed today as follows:

– mattress stitch up the sides of the purse

– weave the ribbon into the purse and tie a bow

– cut the lining fabric to size (including the part that should go around the handles) and sew it into a rectangle, right sides together, with hemmed flaps to line the handle flaps

– stitch the lining into the bag and then sew in place around the handles (the woven lining should work much better for stabilizing the purse than the knitted fabric)

I also made some more pancakes this weekend. Cornmeal pancakes with frozen corn kernels this time, instead of buckwheat. Oddly enough, Rahul was at Uptown Cafe between classes, ordering cornmeal pancakes at the exact same time I was making these.

Other Labor Day weekendy goodness: party at Steve and Jeanne’s, chipotle chocolate cake and Guinness chocolate cake from Sahara Mart, Once, badminton, and celebrating our sixth anniversary with a coconut tofu salad and blue cheese jalapeno black bean burger at Upland Brewery.

Oh, and the Fourth Street Festival of Arts and Crafts, where we saw Joy and Nancy and I bought a few things–an amethyst ring for my sister, silver leaf-shaped necklace and earrings for me, and a bronze-colored Art Nouveau pin that looks like a crescent moon decked with flowers. I thought it would make a perfect shawl pin for my Swallowtail Shawl, so perhaps I’ll get a chance to take a picture with it later this week. At the same stall where I bought the ring and pin, Rahul purchased a large velour blanket depicting a blond Aryan couple riding a Harley-Davidson next to a Viking ship with a giant Confederate flag for a sail. I think he’s going to give it to our friend Joseah.

Edited to add: what the hell happened to my timestamp? WP thinks this was posted in 1970.