I finished the sleeves of my Tilted Duster and wove in the ends, and now I’ve picked up the 122 stitches for the collar and am working 2×2 rib. The last step will be picking up and knitting the skirt. Why is it so damn hard to pick up stitches evenly? I wish, for long stretches of picked-up stitches like this, that instructions said “pick up x sts for every x rows until x marker, you should have roughly x, or a number divisible by x.” I tried to pick up 3 sts for every 4 on the front, then 1 st for every st on the back. The first time I tried, I wound up with 61 sts way before getting to the back of the neck. Second time, I think I skipped a bunch of sts on the back of the neck to get to the right st count, but I guess it’s better for the front to lie flat and the back to look weird than vice versa.

I’m being very good about seaming and weaving in ends as I go ono this sweater. I would have set in the sleeves last night, too, but I wanted to leave that till the end since I’m sure hauling around a giant pile of torso + duster-skirt will be more than enough knitted material to contend with.

(Ooh, it’s raining like crazy all of a sudden!)

Anyway, in a late-night acquisitive haze, I purchased 13 skeins of Uruguay Luxury DK from Littleknits. It’s a great deal, and I enjoyed working with it so much for the Jess jacket I made for Patty that I decided I’d make one for myself, in burgundy. $2.50 a 50g skein for alpaca/silk/merino! And it’s a really fast knit, and seemed quite warm.

And then I purchased a whole sampler of stuff from Knitpicks.  I feel simultaneously better and worse about this purchase. A bunch of it was Palette, for swatching on a Persephone project for Storytellers and a glitten project I’ve had in mind–so far, so good–and then I threw in some color cards and single skeins of other yarns to swatch, and a fixed circular needle and an Options needle + cable, and suddenly I had a ton of stuff in the cart. Better, because I did legitimately want a bunch of this for design projects–worse, because I also bought a number of random single skeins and needles that I could have held off on but didn’t want to. Christmas gifts will have to be from the stash this year, for sure.

In other stash/destash news, I have two swaps going on. A trade of a sweater’s worth of nice soft mohair for a bunch of fingering weight colorwork yarn, and a trade of Regia Jacquard sock yarn for some black Elann Esprit. I’ve sent out my loot and am waiting for mine to come in. I want the Esprit for the knitted underwear from Knitting Lingerie Style. Possibly the worst idea ever, but it’s a small project and should be good for a laugh, if nothing else.