Finished the tilted duster collar! Yay! It’s really long, like a turtleneck, but it will be cozy for sure. I think I made it a little too long but I think also part of this is due to the extreme swanniness of Pam Allen’s daughter’s neck compared to the stubbiness of mine. (Note: Flamingos also have long necks but I don’t notice anyone making poetic metaphors about their grace and neckly elegance.) Also have knit a few inches of soul-crushing skirt (the setup rows, 1 8-row repeat, plus 3 rows, to be exact). Why soul-crushing, you ask? Because it’s already made up of long rows and the rows just get LONGER and LONGER with almost every RS row. However, was happy to find the picking up sts instructions were broken down better for the skirt (perhaps only due to the necessity of marker placement? Would they have maybe just said “pick up 250 sts from the bottom of the fronts if it weren’t for the marker placement?) Also, I really need better stitch markers–drinking straw slices, perhaps? Or maybe I’ll go get some nice findings from the bead store. I have two sets right now, plus a bunch of little rubber bands, but the metal ones are too long and dangly and get caught in my knitting, and especially for this project on plastic needles with lots of sts being pushed around everywhere, the rubber bands snag on the needles and then get pulled away under/through the sts until they are no longer anywhere near the sts they were supposed to be marking. Booo, rubber bands! Oh yeah, and I am using size 9 needles for the skirt. I have noticed a few FOs on the internets. The snug ones tend to gape open a LOT at the front. Mine will assuredly be snug! It’s body-hugging for sure, and hopefully this will also extend to the sleeve cap when I set the sleeves in. I hope for no weird bagginess. Anyway, I like the way it looks on the model–open, but not excessively so–and I figured going up a needle size would give the skirt a bit more drape and width esp. considering Encore has a high acrylic content and may not block out well, and considering I have a large stomach in proportion to my bust (or will my tube-shaped physique help in preventing the gape? Actually the gapingest ones seem to be on the curviest bodies.). I’m almost done with the 3rd skein. 50% is probably an optimistic estimate of progress.

Oh, and thoughts on picking up sts for the skirt. Perhaps it would have been better if I’d used a provisional CO and then unzipped, placed x number of sts on needle, then inc’d to create an extra st every x sts.

I’m excited to get some cool buttons for this coat.

edited to add:  Everyone’s been super excited about these new Harmony wooden Options needles from Knitpicks and I was feeling all cross like “OF COURSE they would do this THE DAY AFTER I place an order!” Then I came to my senses and realized 1) Given the choice, I would buy the metal needles anyway, which is exactly what I did and 2) honestly I think they are kind of ugly. I keep going back and forth on this and thinking they look cool, but this may be due to fever caused by the hand-painted yarn virus… infecting knitters everywhere. Symptoms: poor fashion sense, e.g. large sweaters made of garishly clashing handpainted yarns, just because they look pretty and are fun to knit. Or mohair tank tops or short-sleeved bulky wool sweaters or other such oddities. I am definitely not immune. I have now acquired the yarn for my knitted underwear (from the swap mentioned in my last post) If I ever take up dyeing I will probably start wearing crazy-looking tie dyed broomstick skirts and it’s a short leap from there to Aughra territory. I am kind of worried, actually, because I clicked on one of those links and thought “Wow, Aughra’s much better-dressed than I remembered.”

OK, gotta sign off now, really, boyfriend called v. drunk because he couldn’t find his bike and I think he has by now found it and is on his way home. And it is 2:30 AM, a terribly uncivilized hour for anyone who plans to wake up and have hash browns in the morning rather than the mid-afternoon.