Q: Are these the better pictures you were talking about earlier today?

A: No.

Q: Why are you posting these?

A: These show off the 1″ gray shell buttons I chose, and the mods I made today–

– Afterthought hems on the stockinette. Using size 8 needles, pick up 1 st for every bound-off st. Knit 1 row to create a turning row. K8, k2tog across, for me it ended with k6. Work 4 rows even in stockinette, then do a suspended BO on the 5th (WS) row and leaving a long tail. Using the tail, fold the hem along the turning row and whipstitch it down VERY loosely. I sewed through every other bound-off stitch and tacked it to whichever purl bump was closest.
– Sewed a button on the WS at the center chest points, using a single ply of Encore teased out from one of my trimmed-off yarn ends and a regular sewing needle, sewn into the back of the fabric, with knots tied just like in regular sewing. On the WS on the other side, crocheted a button loop with a size 1/B crochet hook. I just realized I accidentally reversed where these “should” be, as usual, placing the button on the right and the loop on the left. Bah.
– also, I thought I should note that I used paired M1R and M1L increases in the stockinette sections (the directions just say “M1”.)