So I got some Elann Esprit in a swap. I realized after taking it out of the plastic that it was not (sexy) black, as my swap partner had described it, but (unsexy) dark charcoal gray, kind of a dirty dishrag color, like if a witch washed her robes too many times and couldn’t afford new ones. (I will give her the benefit of the doubt here and assume she couldn’t remember/couldn’t tell through the plastic wrap that it was charcoal, not black.)

I forged on ahead with my original plan, to make the Basic Panty and Basic Bra (or maybe Silk Slip) from Knitting Lingerie Style.  Now, Elann Esprit makes a highly textured, bumpy stockinette due to the large amount of twist. The panties are (panty is?) dark gray, rough, and thick. It seems like the kind of underwear that thrifty make-do women would have grimly set to knitting from unraveled old sweaters in the 1940s, as a treat to themselves to replace their holey old knickers from before the War. Or the kind of underwear that orphans in a Dickensian workhouse are forced to wear under their tattered, gruel-stained smocks.

I showed it to a couple of the ladies at knit night, and chemgrrl offered some hot pink Fun Fur to trim it with!

Anyway–the knitting on the Hideous Panties is now done. They are in dire need of some elastic (I overestimated my hip size, or didn’t get gauge, or something). I knit a hybrid size–the small size for the front, then realized it was probably too small, and increased the back till I had the appropriate number of stitches. I cast on for the medium size on the waistband. (They were surprisingly normal-looking, actually, when I tried them on. I guess they just seem flattering cause I don’t wear many string bikinis in the normal way of things.)

I will post some pictures of the hideous panties, though probably not modeled. (If only I had a dress form with a butt.) They are pretty hilarious, and probably the ugliest thing I’ve ever made. YAY FOR ME!

Next up, the hideous bra!