Three interesting search terms people used to find this blog recently:

1) “having a life while having a boyfriend”

2) “the good that won’t come out” (I like that phrase. I found out this is a Rilo Kiley song)

3) “forced to wear panties photo” (gross.)

So do you think that this coat, Flicca, in this yarn, Hyacinth Violet Lopi, would be nice? (I hear purple is the new black this season.) Or would it be too bright and loud and tacky? Will I be one of those people very obviously wearing a handknit? Give me your thoughts, Gentle Readers. This is the same yarn I made a purse out of for my sister, and I have a huge pile of it left. The color in the Fabric Place link is truer than the color in my photo–it’s kind of a saturated lavender/periwinkle. I think if it were heathered, I’d have no hesitation, but I just feel like it’s so unrelentingly, cheerfully purple. I’ve been mulling this over for ages! I actually have some blue-flecked white tweed I was thinking of using for this coat, but I like the texture of the Lopi better when knit to gauge–the tweed seems kind of thin and loose, the Lopi seems squishy and warm.  There’s someone else knitting a purple Flicca, but hers is a much darker shade.