Anyone else have an opinion on a periwinkle Flicca? (aka Dusk, Pantone 17-3812) I know you may be thinking “if I don’t have anything nice to say, I won’t say anything at all” but please rest assured that “holy moly, don’t do it!” is definitely an acceptable answer.

Debbie Bliss’s Lara proceeds apace. To my immense surprise, I suddenly found I was done with the back, instead of with the right front as I had somehow assumed. Thus I have gone far enough that I think the construction is as follows:

Knit sleeve up from left cuff.

Increase sharply for front and back.

Begin knitting only on back stitches, and knit all the way across back. Put the back stitches on hold.

Cast on stitches for a ribbed collar extension, then knit across these in rib, knit back across the left front in rib, and continue ribbing until the left front is done. Sew the collar extension to the back left neck.

I assume something symmetrical will somehow happen to the right front–knit collar extension, knit rib, attach to right front, knit sleeve. However, since I’m knitting like a Blind Follower on this project, there are bound to be further surprises.

Elizabeth Zimmermann would be ashamed, but there are Thinking Projects and there are Mindless Projects, and giant swathes of stockinette fall into the latter category for me and are quickly finished in comparison to the Thinking Projects, which tend to fall by the wayside because I can’t knit them while doing other things.