So it looks like it’s partly also due to my tagging that other post “jane brocket,” but mostly it’s Elliphantom’s link–the hits on my blog for the day have shot up to above even the levels from when I posted my finished Tilted Duster on the knittyboard. Wow!

I’m about 75% done with Selbuvotter mitten #1. Pics soon, hopefully. I keep forgetting to ask Rahul where he put the data cable for the camera. I was thwarted in some acquisitive plans this weekend–I wanted to buy some size 1.5/2.5 mm DPNs for the Selbuvotter thumbs, but my LYS didn’t carry that size, apparently, so I’ll just make do with a thumb that’s a slightly different gauge from the rest of the mitten, or maybe try two circs, though that seems very fiddly indeed for such a small diameter. I did finally get a nice knitting score from the library bookstore: for just $2, a hardback copy of Kaffe Fassett’s Glorious Color, and a bunch of old Threads and Piecework mags, an old Knitter’s Magazine, and an old Vogue Knitting, all for 25 cents each. AND there was free Mexican food and a mariachi band in the library atrium, and I ran into chemgrrl there and she told me about the Schacht sheep thing. And I finally got my holds for Planet Earth Disc 1 and Knitknit. A good library visit all round, particularly the super-loud mariachis.

In other news, I made a big batch of pesto yesterday, but accidentally ground up part of my pink silicone spatula in the Cuisinart. Fortunately it was not a green spatula, and the pieces were easy to locate. The basil was from the farmer’s market, as was the cheese–absolutely delicious raw milk Trader’s Point Fleur de la Terre–and I used walnuts instead of pine nuts because the downtown Bloomingfoods doesn’t carry pine nuts. Booo! I put two Tbsp of pesto into each Saran wrap-lined cup of my muffin tin, and froze the pesto into little cakes, and put the frozen pesto cakes into some Ziploc freezer bags so I can enjoy the taste of summer basil all winter long.