Some bullet points today, because I feel like listing things:

  • Jess II: The Re-Jessening continues apace. I finished the back during my lunch break today. I tried short-row shoulder shaping for the first time and it seemed pretty good, except I had some issues with the short rows worked on the wrong side, and got all confused, and had to redo that side. It looks mostly OK now. For future reference (i.e. in a day or two, when I end up doing the the matching short row shoulder shaping for the front), I went and read nona’s short row tutorial again, and looked again at the lovely explanations on let me explaiKnit and knitty. And I looked, but to my surprise, there’s nothing about short rows on TECHknitting yet.
  • I wasn’t entirely sure if I should be trying to knit in pattern when I did the last row to knit up all the wraps. Perfectionists, avert your eyes–I think I ended up doing one side plain and the other side in pattern.
  • I am now 8.5″ into the left front. Hurray for size 11 needles!
  • I used a backwards loop cast-on for the back, and knitted on the cast on for the front. The back looks tidier from the inside, but I think I’ll use the knitted cast-on for the rest of the hems. It’s much less of a pain in the ass to knit into the cast-on row, and it’s harder to pick up and match the stitches to the live stitches when you’re knitting the hem up.
  • I love my ball winder. I’ve been winding all my skeins into double-stranded centerpull balls to avoid having to knit from two skeins (the first pair flopped around and got all tangled). And then, after I finished the back, I rewound my loose little heap of leftover yarn into a nice firm ball of merino/alpaca/silk goodness again.
  • I re-seamed the collar on Lara. It’s still not perfect, but the little blip of excess neckband is at least at the back of my neck now instead of hanging out at the side.
  • I received Knitty K8’s stitch markers in the mail–forgot if I mentioned that already. They’re pretty! I haven’t had a chance to use them yet.
  • I’m baking a dish from I’m baking a dish from Lindsay Bareham’s Supper Won’t Take Long right now, called “Brown Tom.” More here. It’s a lovely feeling to have a casserole baking in the oven, and know you’ll have a hot, savory dinner soon.

There. Done with listing off all kinds of boring stuff for my own benefit.