My boyfriend finally gave up the data transfer cable so I could get pictures off the camera (and free up the memory card of the 130 MB of squirrel videos we took last weekend). The pictures are pretty crappy in general, mostly snapshots taken indoors at 11 PM with the flash, but I’m excited I have something to show.

First up, the undergarments you’ve all been waiting for: Yes, it’s The Hideous Panties, Unveiled!

Like something out of a Hitchcock movie, aren’t they?

Next up, Lara, aka The Big Gray Sack. Better photos soon, but I’m just excited at the moment because this has become the perfect soft, warm, cozy, knock-around-the-house cardigan and you can really tell from this photo that I am 1) excited about my sweater 2) comfortable and 3) have obviously just been knocking around the house all day.

Now some photos from the field trip to the shearing at Schacht. Elli has more on her site, so I didn’t put up the photos of chickens and naked sheep and such that were essentially the same as hers. But I have photos of a sheep being sheared! And Elli and llamas!

And last but not least, some Selbuvotter pictures! They’re still damp, but I couldn’t wait to take a few progress pictures.