The other knitty thing chemgrrl and I did on Saturday, aside from walnut dyeing, was a little photoshoot for my Lara sweater in the pretty grove of trees beside her house.

You can still see some collar screwiness in the back view where I couldn’t get the collar extensions to quite lie flat, but it’s improved, and I’m happy with it now.

One of her kitties wanted to help.

Pattern: Lara, from Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk

Size: Small (40″). That’s 8″ of ease, people. 8″! Or 20 cm, as I now know from many a ball band! It makes for a roomy, comfy Big Sack sweater.

Yarn used: 11 or 12 skeins of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran from I used their free shipping sale and got an extra skein through their Fuzzy Dozen discount. My notes say I used 11 skeins, but I only seem to have one skein left over, so I may have forgotten to write one down. The color is 110 Opal.

Needles used: Size 8 Boye Needlemaster. I have no idea what cable length I was using.

Started: 9/13/07

Finished: 9/26/07

Mods: I used a provisional cast-on to start the first sleeve at the stockinette portion, then knit the ribbing on both sleeves at the same time, so I could make them longer as necessary. I should have done the same for the front ribbing sections, but I was lazy and instead used a suspended BO in 2×2 rib on the one side, and a cable cast-on on the other. I think it looks fine, as evidenced by the photo below. (Isn’t that a neat pin, by the way? It’s an antique Art Nouveau pin showing some flowers on a crescent moon)

Notes: The cuff-to-cuff construction of this sweater was really interesting. (Check the archives in the Lara category for more of my notes about this) The sweater got really huge after I blocked it, but I’m still happy with it, and this yarn is to die for–so amazingly soft and squishy, and it looks really high-quality, with a subtle sheen from the silk. No pilling so far, but we’ll see how that goes… I’ve heard this yarn doesn’t wear well. The stockinette has an interesting rippled texture, as Clara notes in her review on Knitter’s Review.

Dolman sleeves are not terribly flattering in general, but it’s OK in this particular sweater, I think. You can see the excess fabric kind of flopping around a bit in the shoulder and underarm area.

The ginormousness of this sweater, coupled with its luscious softness, has already made this my go-to sweater for cuddling up in when it’s a little chilly in the house.

Verdict: Project Starfish Pig is a success! (It is my goal to become the #1 listing on Google when you search for “starfish pig.” I am currently #4, behind a couple of pages about dissections and a page containing an email forward of humorous animal facts coupled with sassy commentary. Starfish pig starfish pig starfish pig.)