The bagatelles continue.

Obligatory super-close-up:

Zooming out:

Twisty hat goodness

The cleverly integrated and immensely satisfying crown decreases:

Pattern: Jared Flood‘s Koolhaas, from the Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts issue

Yarn used: Valley Yarns Northampton in Chestnut Heather

Needles used: Size 6 16″ Denises for ribbing, size 8 16″ Denises and bamboo DPNs for main part of hat

Started: 11/8/07

Finished: 11/9/07

Size: approx 17″ x 8″, unstretched (my gauge was slightly off)

Mods: Possible errata? The pattern has you slip the last stitch to the right on rounds where the end of round marker moves to the left. I worked this stitch instead of slipping it, because I thought it might be a typo–it makes sense when the marker moves to the right, so you don’t work the stitch twice, but I didn’t see the logic when the stitch moves to the left, because then you have one stitch at the end of your round that’s worked for one less row than all the other stitches. Other than that change, none.

Notes: I am totally in love with this yarn in this color. Northampton is pretty similar to Cascade 220, but cheaper, at $5 for 247 yards (and that’s discountable!) and already put up in skeins, so you don’t have to wind it. It’s soft, and the Chestnut Heather is pretty much my Platonic ideal for a brown yarn. It reminds me of the bars of very expensive dark chocolate I used to buy at Bittersweet as indulgences. (I think moving away from Bittersweet is about 75% of the reason I lost ~10 pounds when I moved to Indiana.) Rich, dark, complex, delicious. It’s coming across as a bit too red in the photos, because the sun was catching all the tiny red threads in the heather mix. The color on the WEBS page is pretty true, maybe slightly lighter than the yarn in person.

I originally bought the yarn to make a Stewart & Brown peasant cap knockoff (warning, that links to a pattern PDF). I hope I have enough left over (approx. 1.5 skeins) to make it.

The pattern is fairly fast and easy, though the many, many cable crossings got kind of arduous, so I would like to swatch for this hat using left and right twists rather than cables, i.e.

RT: k2tog, leaving both sts on left needle; knit the stitch closest to the left needle tip again, drop both sts from needle.

LT: from the back, knit the second stitch from the left needle tip through the back loop, then knit both the first and second stitch through the back loop, drop both stitches from the needle.

Ariel Barton’s article in Knitty talks about other ways to do the same thing.

I messed up and neglected to do a few knit-over-knit left twists on one round, and ended up duplicate stitching over those crossings with a piece of spare yarn after an excruciating 15 minutes trying to ladder four stitches down about 5 rows and hook the stitches back up with a crochet hook. Not a good idea when there are as many cable crossings as this hat has. Anyway, I don’t think the fix is really noticeable. I am definitely not a perfectionistic knitter.