Two things that simultaneously amuse and annoy me:

My spam comments appear to mostly consist of apologetic or appreciative Greek car salesmen who have emigrated to China. In the last few hours, Makis, Alexander, Agapios, Loukianos, and Themestoclis have said “Nice…”, “Cool!”, and “Sorry ” and they all come from sites with bizarre accretions of different car names suffixed with .cn.

Michaels‘ marketing tagline is apparently “Imaginate.” Actually, I’m not so much with the amusement on this one. It kind of just makes me want to punch their marketing guy in the gut.

On the plus side, all their yarns are on sale until the 17th. I’ve been jonesing for more self-striping accessory yarns as I deplete my Boku and Noro stash. Here are some stripy patterns I’ve been wanting to make:

– This Butterfly Hat looks great in self-striping yarns (Ravelry link here)

– I’m planning a Clapotis in Rowan Tapestry in Whirlpool, just like Goldtop or Kate’s

– I want to make a two-color brioche scarf with a self-striping yarn as one of the colors. Perhaps the leftover chocolate brown from my hats with the blue/purple/green skein of Plymouth Boku I have left over? (I certainly don’t remember buying that much, but it’s lovely stuff)

– I just made a really nice and addictive Kureopatora’s Scarf with Boku in shades of red. However, I think it would look even more striking in a yarn with fewer colors, such as Patons SWS in Natural Slate.

– One of these days, Lizard Ridge will be mine.

– The latest cover pattern for Yarn Forward was the cute Miss Potter fingerless mitts with a chevron pattern, knit in Rowan Tapestry.

– And I do want to make another Unicorn Pegasus Rainbow scarf for myself, perhaps in slightly less Frankian colors this time.