I got back from California (where I caught no visible signs of either oil spill or fire) to find that my Just Like a Peasant hat got mentioned on Stash and Burn. Yay! Jenny and Nicole, I wish I’d had time to hit you guys up for a yarn shop crawl while I was out there! I did plenty of yarn shopping, but unfortunately it was all snatched up in random hours or as side trips when hanging out with friends and family.
Hopefully I will have some photos and a report soon. My haul is totally gorgeous! And I finally got my hands on my major yarn crush, Noro Silk Garden in natural colors (267 and 269)–these have already been stripy-scarfified. If you’re curious, I stopped at:

Full Thread Ahead (Los Altos)

Uncommon Threads (Los Altos)

Stonemountain and Daughter (Berkeley)

Stash Yarns (Berkeley)

Article Pract (Oakland)

Imagiknit (San Francisco) 

No time for Artfibers, more’s the pity. I walked right by it, but felt bad asking my dad to go in. He was already a very good sport, waiting patiently in Imagiknit with a magazine for half an hour while I wandered around overwhelmed by it all. (They put the price per yard on their price tags! How awesome is that?)

As far as knitting progress, I finished two scarves, got pretty far on my second Selbuvotter mitten but tragically ran out of black Telemark so will have to do another Knitpicks order, knit most of one sleeve of an Hourglass pullover in Fleece Artist BFL, and officially started Panicking with a capital P about finishing all my Christmas gifts.

I also had some knitspotting excitement: a Clapotis in the wild, on Mission, and the real, $165 Stewart + Brown hat in a tony Los Altos boutique. It’s not even actually cashmere, it’s merino! Also, it’s much flatter than my hat (which is already flatter than the knockoff pattern), with an elastic thread in the back, and the ribbed band can flip down to cover the garter brim, or up to be worn the way I have it sewn in place.

And my grandma finally wore the lace shawl I made her last Christmas!

And my stepmom finally wore the Jess jacket I made her, and it fit her perfectly when buttoned up! She underestimated the stretch and thought it was too small, but it looked very trim and elegant on her once she buttoned it up.

So that’s all good, right? But I came back from California to find a big problem at work, which will be solved by them flying me out to New York City early tomorrow morning. So I got back at around 10 PM last night after 12 hours of traveling, and I have to get on the airport shuttle at 5 AM tomorrow to troubleshoot what may very well be untroubleshootable.

I will be staying through the weekend in New York and have every intention of seeing some of the exciting fibrous destinations there. If you have any advice, will you shoot me an email or leave me a comment suggesting where to go? Or if not yarn shops, just your favorite places to go, things to eat, things to do. (On my not-terribly-sophisticated list: eat some bagels, go to the Met and maybe the Statue of Liberty, go to H&M and Anthropologie.) I already looked up School Products and it appears to be less than half a mile from my hotel in midtown Manhattan. I think the Habu storefront might be near there too. And I would like to make a trip out to Purl. What else should I do?