I’m SO close to done with my Christmas presents! No pictures or links back to the FO posts right now, I’m just trying to get this all straight in my head. (You can find all of them via the category links on the sidebar, though)


– Prismatic scarf for my mom–my 2 skeins of Manos Silk Blend in Wildflowers turned into this lovely scarf, which I’ll blog about soon.

– Forest Rib scarf for my stepdad–brown and green Plymouth Boku in mistake rib, 2-row stripes

– Vintage Velvet Redux scarf for my little sister–felted pink Touch Me in a narrower version of the Vintage Velvet scarf from Scarf Style

– Slate Snake scarf for my dad–Patons SWS Kureopatora’s Snake

– Birch and Oak scarf for my stepmom–Noro Silk Garden in natural colors, 2-row striped mistake rib

– You Bastard scarf for my grandma–super-soft, pain-in-the-butt Camissimo mistake rib scarf

– Kureopatora’s Snake–in red Plymouth Boku this time, for my aunt

– Koolhaas for my great-uncle–in heathered blue Plymouth Encore left over from the Tilted Duster (will blog this soon)

– Felted clogs for my great-aunt–lavender Lopi and light brown walnut-dyed handspun singles (will blog this soon)

–  February Baby Sweater for my cousin’s new daughter

Need to make:

– A present for my boyfriend. I’m trying to make him an illusion scarf featuring the IU logo. Unfortunately, I knit up the first chart I made and discovered that the logo looked waaay too long and skinny. Back to the drawing board.

– I think I want to make a Kate for my cousin’s daughter as well. I got a skein of Berroco Plush from Good Yarn Karma a while back and have been trying to think of something appropriately non-selfish to make with it. I think a toy for a baby would fit the bill.

– I think I’ll give my already-made 1×1 rib Boku scarf to my boyfriend’s dad, and make a needle box (the 6-sided Etui Victorian needle box) for his mom, who does crewel work. I gave a kit for this box to my little sister and my mom gave it back to me when my sister wasn’t looking, saying she was sure my sister would never get around to making the kit. I made the square one for myself and it sure was a pain in the butt, but it makes an incredibly cute little object, and it would be useful, too.

– I realized I’ll have to make candy or something for my boyfriend’s aunt, uncle, and cousin, who will be around at Christmas as well.

I felt like I made so many things, but somehow it doesn’t even seem like that much when it’s all listed out, considering I made some of these projects months ago! Well–11 or 12 knitted presents total. I take it back; I guess that’s a good total, considering it takes me at least 6 hours for every present. I think I’m in good shape for a completely handmade set of holiday presents this year.

If I have time (which I bet I won’t), I’ll put the thumbs on those Dashing mitts for my friend in New York, do a scarf for my best friend with the yarn she bought me a while back (but I already gave her a hat and the Shaped Lace Tee I made when I was back home around Thanksgiving, so I’m not stressing over it), and maybe we’ll make some cookies or something for our friends here in town.

I am now starting to get stressed out about wrapping all these presents and writing out gift cards. Ack! Will think about it later.

In stash news: I got some DPNs (both Harmony and metal) from Knitpicks, and the rest of my Telemark so I can finish my Selbuvotter mittens, so maybe I’ll have some mittens to show here soon as well. I made a little swatch with the Harmony DPNs and really enjoyed using them.