I am totally paralyzed with indecision about what sweater to work on next.  Some of the candidates:

Hourglass Pullover in Fleece Artist BFL DK in Periwinkle. Pros: one sleeve already knit. Would be useful in wardrobe. Would be very virtuous of me to finish a WIP instead of casting on for a new project. Cons: very boring to knit. Need to do math to figure out proper gauge. Ginormous skeins of BFL are annoying to carry around and knit from. Here is a picture of the cuff from the one sleeve I’ve knit.

Tangled Yoke Cardigan in Rowan Felted Tweed.  Pros: Beautiful sweater, useful in wardrobe. Cons: Seems like it would take ages, and be very boring aside from the yoke. Need to locate small enough needles to get gauge. Yarn seems to bloom quite a bit on washing, increasing the risk of a gauge disaster.

Flicca in RYC Soft Tweed in some kind of nondescript beige color. Pros: Should be pretty fast because of the big needles. Have been lusting after this sweater for ages. Would be warm and cozy, perfect to wear while working inside and looking out at the snow. Would use up large volume of yarn. Cons: Possibly very boring to knit. So much ribbing–ack! Brown color not very exciting. Also, I already have lots of cardigans.

–  Son of Samus in Cascade Eco Wool, gray background, burgundy cables. This cardigan started out as Samus, and I changed nearly everything about it–changed the gauge, made a two-color cable that bends at the corner and proceeds up one of the fronts of the cardigan. I got to the armpits (assuming this is going to be a hip-length jacket) and it has been sitting in a drawer for about a year because I can’t decide where to proceed from here with the design. Pros: Pretty. Would give opportunity to do something interesting and exciting with the rest of the design. See above re: virtuousness of finishing an unfinished work in progress. Cons: Lots of ease knit into the body already–may not be flattering. I feel like poking my eyes out with a cable needle every time I think about doing yet more two-color Saxon braid cables. See above re: cardigans.

–  Rogue in gray Cascade Eco Wool. Pros: Probably useful in the wardrobe, beautiful sweater and one I’ve been wanting to make for ages.  Probably a good balance of interesting cables and fast stockinette. Cons: Need to wind up mega-skeins of Eco Wool.

Leaf Lace Pullover in brown Bollicine Victor. Pros: Should be very fast, cozy. Cons: may be too chunky to either be flattering or fit under my coat. Someone else has Loop-D-Loop checked out from the library right now.