Sundara updated her shop yesterday with new sock yarns, and I succumbed to the cultish hype about her colors and ordered a skein. Even though I was an hour late to the sale, I got my first choice, a limited edition yarn called Black over Wine. I have to admit that a certain doubt about my choice crept into my mind when I realized that as of today there are still two skeins left of it, while all of my other choices have completely vanished. It’s not quite as unpopular as Evergreen Over Lime (8 skeins left) but all the others, the gray roses, autumn peaches, deep blue-purples, are all gone. Then I wondered what kind of brainless sheep I must be to think such a thing. I loved Black over Wine when I saw it, so why should other people’s opinions matter, especially considering other people haven’t seen it in person?

I was on the fence about even ordering in the first place. I didn’t want to succumb to the feeding frenzy that occurs when certain cult favorite yarns are posted for sale (Wollmeise at the Loopy Ewe comes to mind). But I keep seeing gorgeous finished objects posted, with rave reviews of Sundara’s yarn, like Kristen’s February Baby Sweater and Emily’s Mossy socks–and of course the “celebrity endorsements” from superstar bloggers like Grumperina, Eunny, and Brooklyntweed.

I’ve heard so many good things about this yarn. Hope it lives up to the hype! I’m not even sure what to make from it. Socks? Gloves? Mittens? A beret? A lacy little shawl? A scarf?

Oh, and on the subject of yarn shopping, I noticed the other day that A Verb for Keeping Warm sells all natural-dyed yarns and rovings: indigo, logwood, madder, etc. Pretty fascinating.

I’ve also been using yarn up, in addition to just buying it. I finished the Loop-D-Loop Leaf Lace Pullover and hopefully will have some pictures of it soon. The shoulders and arms are a bit tight on me, and I’m hoping the wet-blocking I gave it last night will have fixed that. It seems terribly unfair that while my arms and shoulders are apparently linebackerish in proportion to my bust size, they possess all the strength of the mighty biceps of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.