Thank you all for the nice comments on my phyllotaxis hat and sweater! I’m sorry I’m being a flake about writing back right now, but I’m coming down with some kind of nasty, mucousy cough thing (soon to be accompanied by fever, if Rahul’s current state of health is any gauge) and feeling kind of tired.

Sick or not, I was excited to find not one but two new knitting magazines with free patterns today! AND the total lunar eclipse was wonderfully, clearly visible, to boot–I was afraid the weather would spoil it.

Here are the two magazines:

MetaPostModern Knitting


The Inside Loop

I also found this peacock washcloth through a passing remark someone made on Ravelry. I love it! This site has instructions for buying the pattern, though I haven’t called for availability.

My coworker sent out a link today to keming, from Ironic Sans.

And I thought this article about the possibility of life adapted to living in clouds was the most wonderful thing I’ve read in a long time.

Ugh. I hope I feel better soon. I have all kinds of excitement later this week and weekend that I don’t want to miss–knitting night with new people and a new venue, working at the business school Friday and Saturday, going to the new yarn shop that’s opening on Friday, meeting up with a friend so we can put together and mail a package of baby presents, going to another friend’s ice cream-themed birthday party.