The Good:

–  the weather! Balmy and gorgeous–in the 60s today! I spent a lot of the day wandering around town running errands.

–  TWO visits this weekend to the new local yarn shop, In A Yarn Basket! To my great surprise, Rahul expressed interest in seeing it yesterday (though he was craving lunch, so we only spent a few minutes inside), and then today I went there with Elli and Kalani and finally got my chance to peruse the stock in detail. I drooled over the giant hanks of Alpaca with a Twist and the tiny, gorgeous skeins of Tilli Tomas laceweight and finally made it out of there without buying anything new.

– Rahul is away in El Salvador this week, busy changing the world, so I get to make crazy, non-boyfriend-approved foods. Currently on the stove is a black bean, sweet potato, kale, and banana-dumpling stew. I don’t know how successful it will be, but it sure is interesting. Brown rice is simmering on the stove, and green bean casserole is baking in the oven.

– Jovovich-Hawk is the new Go! International designer at Target. I have a gift card to use up and am contemplating buying a new frilly, foofy sundress.

– There’s an interesting piece about fashion in the developing world on NPR right now

The Bad:

– I am almost finished with the Hourglass Pullover. That’s actually mainly good, but the Bad is this: I tried it on and felt massively disappointed. I pulled it on, looked at myself in the mirror, and thought: I am essentially wearing a tie-dyed sweater. I would never buy a tie-dyed sweater, so why have I just spent four months making one by hand? Seduced by the hand-dyed gorgeousness, I lost sight of my actual personal fashion sense. Damn! Maybe I’ll like it better once I can actually cuddle up in the cozy Blue Faced Leicester goodness (the yarn is Fleece Artist Blue Face DK in Periwinkle). I do think it will be useful (I wear a lot of pullovers, mostly store-bought) and it seems to fit well, but I felt kind of stupid sitting there looking at my blue, tie-dyed self in the mirror. I still love semi-solids, and I like variegated yarns for accessories, but I should really think twice next time before casting on for a variegated sweater.

– I was using the Ravelry Friends’ Blogs tab to keep up with blogs. However, they seem to have made it so it only updates once a day, or even less frequently. I am saddened by this, and contemplating changing to Google Reader or bloglines.

Whee! I’d better go take that casserole out of the oven now.