Around midnight last night, my desire to make macrame owls inexplicably faded, and as April Fool’s Day passed from today into yesterday, I made the decision to scrap my “Feather Fan” plans and continue blogging about knitting instead. No offense, owls.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to say about knitting today… still slogging away on two small yet seemingly endless projects and despairing of ever getting to cast on for something new. So I’ll talk about some silly shopping-related stuff instead.

I saw on the Purl Bee that their Cake Rock Beach fabric line has been released. There are some very pretty patterns there, like sun prints. I was in Target yesterday and almost bought a giant brown linen hobo bag printed with ferns, in a very similar pattern to one of those Cake Rock Beach patterns. But I have too many tote bags, so instead I bought a very flattering navy jersey dress (as a bonus, it’s an XS instead of my usual M! I feel very skinny! Yay, size inflation!) and an Isaac Mizrahi blouse with scalloped button band, though I can’t find pictures of either one online, and drooled over an Isaac Mizrahi swiss dot blouse with the most adorable buttoned-tulip-sleeve details. For better or for worse, they didn’t have the color I wanted in the size I wanted. Man, I love shopping for clothes at Target. I wish Isaac Mizrahi weren’t leaving.

A word of warning, though. If you live in Bloomington and you ever need to get a watch battery changed at the College Mall Target, make sure you leave yourself an extra hour or so, and don’t get upset if your watch comes back all scratched up. They are neither speedy nor skilled.