I picked out some ladybug buttons for my little baby sweater and got them sewn on. SO CUTE! Look!

I’m going to see an opera tonight! I won free tickets on WFIU. It’s Tales of Hoffmann. I love this opera, what little I know of it, at least. The story is so weird and lovely! He falls in love with a robot in the first act! And I get to sit in the orchestra area instead of getting nosebleed seats like I would have otherwise.

Giftable has been doing some cool posts on double knitting lately. The latest one is a tutorial for doing DK with different front and back sides, including how to make a chart so it reads the same on front and back.

I’m going to the Fiber Event in Greencastle tomorrow with Leigh, Nicole, Kalani, and blogless Norma! Elli and Wendie will be there too! And other Ravelers, too, I hear. I need to find another project to work on in the car, though! Since I ran out of yarn on my cabled scarf, I was working on a black laceweight mohair shawl at knitting night last night. Not a great idea, since I couldn’t concentrate on both conversation and lace and had to keep tinking.

I heard rumors that Barack Obama will be in town today at the Women’s Little 500, but nothing is confirmed.

I found the most fascinating wikipedia article today, about a Channel island called Sark which is finally dismantling its feudal system. Now I really want to visit the island. Among the highlights of this article:

  • “Sark consists of two main parts, Little Sark and Greater Sark. They are connected by a narrow isthmus called La Coupée which is just nine feet wide with a drop of 300 feet (91 m) either side. Protective railings were erected in 1900; before then, children would crawl across on their hands and knees to avoid being blown over the edge.”
  • “In 1991, an unemployed French nuclear physicist named André Gardes attempted a singlehanded invasion of Sark, armed with a semi-automatic weapon. He was arrested by the Island’s police officer (who at the time was Little Sark farmer Philip Perrée Jnr) while sitting on a bench, changing the gun’s magazine.”
  • “Among the old laws of the Channel Islands is the old Norman custom of the Clameur de Haro, a legal device which also still exists in the other Channel Islands.[clarify] A person can obtain immediate cessation of any action he considers to be an infringement of his rights. At the scene, he must, in front of witnesses, recite the Lord’s Prayer in French and cry out “Haro, Haro, Haro! À mon aide mon Prince, on me fait tort!”[2] (“Haro, Haro, Haro! To my aid, my Prince! One does me wrong!”) It should then be registered with the Greffe Office within 24 hours. All actions against the person must then cease until the matter is heard by the Court. It is not frequently used; the last recorded Clameur was raised in June 1970 to prevent the construction of a garden wall.”


My old poetry professor, Bob Hass, won the Pulitzer Prize! I was in his poetry workshop in 2000 or 2001 and it was probably the best class I took at Cal.

To celebrate the coming of Spring, I lost my coat last week 😦 If you see a black wool Merona (I think) winter coat with a blue and white lining somewhere around town, please tell me! I’ve looked all over for it.

I’m hungry! Time to go eat! And drink MORE COFFEE!!!