The bad news first: Rahul lost his Very Plain Hat at the Little 500 on Saturday. That was quick.

The good news:
I already spun up most of my fiber purchases from Saturday, and I am in looooove with the lac-dyed Corriedale. The buffalo, surprisingly, not so much. The second bag of it turned out to be less well-prepped. I was finding it really hard to spin and hairier than the first bag. So I’ve probably spun only about a quarter of the second ounce.

I haven’t checked out the WPI yet on either yarn (and I know my grist is not very even), but I’m guessing the buffalo is about a DK to worsted weight, mostly, a two-ply with a lot of twist. I was hoping for downy softness, but it has too much hair and VM to be really soft–perhaps a few hours picking stuff out of it will improve the feel of it. It might turn into mittens, combined with some green Cascade 220, or maybe with some gray handspun I have lying around. I haven’t decided yet. I have about 65 yards of it. You can see the lumps and bumps where I was having issues drafting the second bag of fiber.

I think the Corriedale is an aran to bulky weight. It’s a two-ply, spun much softer and bulkier than I usually spin, and it’s squooshy and plummy and gorgeous. Most of these pictures came out slightly too blue–the yarn has more red undertones. It took a lot of rinsing to get all the excess dye out, but I think it’s pretty clean now. It’s next-to-neck soft, and I have about 100 yards of it, so my plan to make a scarf out of it should work. Oh, and I soaked it in grapefruit Eucalan and it smells really delicious, too. Look at all these pictures. I love it!

Also, Knitting Daily has their Reader’s Choice awards posted. You can download 5 free patterns between now and Wednesday afternoon, so go get them while you can:

Cable-Down Raglan, by Stefanie Japel

Nantucket Jacket, by Norah Gaughan

Sunrise Circle Jacket, by Kate Gilbert

Tweedy Aran Cardigan, by Norah Gaughan

Swallowtail Shawl, by Evelyn A. Clark

I’ve knit two of these (the Sunrise Circle and the Swallowtail Shawl) and highly recommend both of them!