So my birthday is on Friday (April 18th) and I’m toying with the idea of buying myself a subscription to Sundara’s Seasons yarn club as a present this year. You might remember that I have one skein of her sock yarn (haven’t knit with it yet), and I love the pictures of almost every other color of her yarn I’ve seen. I blame Emily in particular for fueling my interest in the Seasons club–look at these socks. And these.


  • Have you seen this stuff? It’s beautiful! And it looks nice knit up, too, not just in the skein.
  • Her yarn is in high demand and generates a feeding frenzy every time she posts new stuff, particularly limited edition colors. If you want a chance of buying any, you have to stalk the site and email her as soon as she updates. This eliminates the hassle of trying to get your hands on her yarn.
  • If I want some of her yarn from another season, chances are good I could trade for it if I already had one of the Seasons yarns on hand. If I don’t want a certain yarn, I will have no problems whatsoever getting rid of it since the demand is so high.
  • It’s fun getting subscriptions. I always enjoy getting my magazine subscriptions (Readymade, Martha Stewart, IK, Harper’s) in the mail. It would be great fun to get a random, lovely yarn in the mail every other month, too.


  • It’s $25.50 a month for yarn every other month. I’m not sure if I would buy that much if supply exceeded demand and there was no problem ordering anytime off her site.
  • I like selections from all of the seasons, and I can’t decide which would suit me best. If I pick one, what if I end up regretting it? (I’ve been reading the Seasons group on Ravelry and many people are signing up for multiple seasons, or for multiple subscriptions to the same season!)
  • I would be systematically stashing yarn for stashing’s sake, not buying for a particular project.
  • I would be devoting $25 a month of my yarn budget to this yarn in particular rather than keeping that money open to buy whatever strikes my fancy from month to month. Plus, I’m moving soon (Rahul made the decision, we’re going to Madison after all, probably in late June/early July) and I’m not sure how our cost of living is going to be up there.
  • I don’t knit a lot of socks, and there’s a lot of sock yarn in this club.

A Summary of 2007 Seasons Colors (cribbed from the Sundara Seasons group)





I really like all of these except for Spring, which is too candyish for me. I didn’t think I’d like Summer much from the description, but I think Delphinium and Cornflower are two of my favorites out of all of these. I like all the Autumn colors, but there’s very little variation in this season; they’re all predictable (but beautiful) warm greens and browns. I like the Winter colors the best in theory–complex, smoky, weird combinations–but some of them, like the Emerald over Charcoal Sock, seem too dark and dull in practice. What to do? I was considering perhaps making a deal with myself to order as long as I try to design something new for every shipment–one pattern every other month. This is blinding speed, as far as I’m concerned, but if I sold some of the patterns it would offset the $25/month cost and keep the yarn from just going into my stash and marinating there, and be a fun creative assignment for myself.

I suppose, too, if the money does seem to be too much, I could always destash the yarn to someone without a problem. I’d just be out the time and trouble of doing so.

Decisions, decisions! I know I was just ruminating the other day about how much better life would be if I didn’t lust after things. This is probably one of those occasions.

Other stuff: I finished the 3rd and final variation of The Water is Wide last night (Sailing the Sea, with reversible cables), which means that as soon as I take some pictures of that version I will be releasing the pattern into the wild. I’m excited about it–it came out really well.

The holdup on this third variation was that I had bought one skein of Jewel Blue Malabrigo from a destash on Ravelry, then ran out of yarn midway through; I had to order a second skein online. It’s a bit more variegated than the first one, but they look fine together, I think. I ordered the second skein from Despite the wacky site design, everything went well with my order and I received my yarn quickly, and she sent me a note with my order informing me that if I send customers her way, we will both receive $5 off an order of $25 or more.

So if you are planning to order $25 of stuff from Sandra Singh, if you enter my full name (Huan-Hua Chye) in the Comments box during checkout, you’ll be refunded $5 and I will receive a $5 coupon. Dooo iiiiit.

You can also get $5 off a future order if you send a photo of a project you’ve made with a purchase from her site.

The new Knit on the Net is up. I haven’t looked through all the patterns yet, but the two things that caught my eye first were the gigantic sleeves on Miss Scarlett–really stylized and cool! if not really very wearable, and the Barbarella tunic, which I think is very wearable and gorgeous. I love the trim pattern.

The Radio Reader is reading a book called Soul Catcher right now and I have been glued to the radio between 11:30 and 12 every day!