Hey, does this feel familiar to anyone?

Here are some pictures of the little handspun mini-skein I made the other day to test out my new roving. Approximately 28 yards, a worsted-weight single. I swatched it on size 7 needles, stockinette and lace. It’s from the roving from Handspun by Stefania that I bought at The Fiber Event. Corriedale and silk dyed with cochineal, madder, and Osage. There was very little dye runoff from this one when I rinsed it, unlike the lac-dyed Corriedale.

The last one put me in mind of plums and blackberries; this one makes me think of ripe persimmons. Gilded ones.





I like how it came out, so I’m spinning the rest to similar specs, if I can manage to reproduce it.