Barely, anyway. Rahul is graduating tomorrow, and while not every day has been jam-packed with farewells and parties, it’s been busy and I’ve been lacking the mental energy to blog.

Some highlights of the week:

I received the two balls of roving I ordered from I apparently accidentally ordered 8 oz. of the alpaca/wool/silk Cappucino blend instead of 4–I guess it was cheaper than I thought. I’ve spun a tiny bit of the Autumn Oak roving and I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks after it’s plied. However, nothing else I’ve been spinning has had the same lovely handle as the Handspun by Stefania Corriedale. Maybe the Cappucino roving will be nice.

Went to an event called “Asianfest” at the farmer’s market last weekend, where I got to eat some Korean chap chae (noodle salad? Not sure what to call it) and have had a fierce craving for Korean food ever since.

Saw a vintage car show, including a real DeLorean! Also got to see a cool quilt exhibit at the history museum, for free. I have pictures of both events, but haven’t gotten them off the camera yet.

Went to a party where we spent a good part of the time watching a show called “Disorder in the Court”–nominally about ridiculous courtroom scenes like this, but including things like the “Don’t Tase Me, Bro” video and a riot in the streets after a canceled punk show.

Finally finished my Butterick Walk-Away Dress. Lord, that’s a lot of bias binding! And curved hems! Despite hours of pinning and trimming and adjusting, it still doesn’t really fit right… It looked fine before I sewed on the bias binding, but the bound edges sort of stick out, so it gaps at the sides where it wraps, and I’m not quite sure what to do about that. It’s cute overall, though! I love the circle skirt and the color combination. And I suppose nobody will be looking at my hem so closely that they’ll notice the crappy job I did hemming it. (Also, I made a new skirt–“made” is a bit strong; I cut off about 2 feet from a giant brown plaid maxi-skirt I got for $2 from the thrift store to make a nice little preppy number that will be perfect to wear in about 5 months.)

Went to a farewell business school BBQ and played cornhole for the first time. It was harder than I’d thought.

Had a goodbye dinner at the local Ethiopian restaurant with a friend who’s moving to Turkey for the summer. I may not see her before we leave for Madison.

Went to see Barack Obama’s rally at Assembly Hall last night. We had to wait a long time for him to get onstage, and there wasn’t really anything groundbreaking in the speech, but it was still exciting. Summary here. Election Day in Indiana is next Tuesday, and polls close pretty early, at 6 PM, so I’m glad I took some time out to vote early so I won’t be scrambling to get down to the polls in time. Are you in Indiana? Have you voted yet? Go vote! For Obama! And don’t forget your picture ID issued by either Indiana or the federal government.

One of the friends we were there with said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been to one of these.”

“What was the last one you went to?”

“A rally for Bush in 2000.”

And oh yeah, knitting. Aren’t these Knit Picks lace samplers pretty? I love the colors of Shadow.

The WEBS May Anniversary Sale yarns are up. But I urge you, from the bottom of my urging place, to also check out their regular closeout yarns while you’re there. Specifically, this is an amazing deal. Filatura di Crosa Superior for just over $13 a skein–just about the price of Kidsilk Haze, for 100 more yards a skein and a brushed cashmere/silk fiber content instead of kid mohair/silk.

I’ve been trying to work on my own patterns as much as possible, which means, of course, that suddenly all I want to do is knit other people’s patterns. It’s finally the right weather to cast on for some summery tops–Cherry with the lavender Rowan Calmer I have stashed away for it, or Rusted Root with my bright red CotLin, or maybe, to keep the chill off, the Half Circle Cardigan with my gorgeous mulberry Shibui Sock. To make matters worse, the IK 2008 Summer Preview is up, and I would love to make the Wallis Cardigan or the Apres Surf Hoodie.

Anyway, Rahul’s parents are coming tonight to attend his graduation tomorrow, and so I should really go clean the house and do my work so we’ll be ready for their visit. Hopefully, I’ll have a more interesting post next time.