I thought the day was off to a good start. Barack Obama won the nomination and gave a very gracious and eloquent speech (although Bush congratulated him on his win before Hillary did! Perhaps she still hasn’t–I haven’t checked). The sun seemed to have come out after the storms and tornado watch yesterday (there were sirens and everything! It was scary). I finished and blocked several knits. But alas, the day turned out to be rather Terrible, Horrible, No Good, and Very Bad.

A huge rainstorm came up early in the morning, while I was asleep and Rahul was out at the gym, and the rain got in through the screen of the patio door we’d left open for ventilation and soaked our carpet.

A Severe Thunderstorm hit town, with 60-mile-per-hour winds, pouring rain, brownouts, incredibly bright lightning, and the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard. Apparently it was producing nickel-sized hail elsewhere in the area. I unplugged my laptop and went to work in our bedroom for a while, where it seemed more safe and cozy than in the office.

I heard crashing from the kitchen, then some screams of “Help! Help me!” I scrambled up and across the house, into the kitchen. Another kitchen fire, roaring up from another saucepan.

This fire had considerably less comedic value than the last one. I couldn’t find the fire extinguisher (it was stowed behind the microwave). Rahul burned his hand on the pan when trying to put it out, dropped it on the floor, and left this mark on the linoleum. There goes our security deposit.

And I think I tore my right quadriceps muscle when I stumbled while running to the kitchen–the front of my thigh hurts like hell.

We were both grouchy after that. I really wanted to yell at him for setting the kitchen on fire again, but didn’t think it would be very productive to do so, so I left it at a few stern words about the low smoke point of extra virgin olive oil, and the dangers of overheating the pan. “It wasn’t that hot!” he kept insisting–but he had the temperature on the electric stove turned up to about 7 out of 9, and I never turn it above 5 unless I’m boiling water.

So I was mad at him, and then he came into the office where I was transforming this:

into this:

I had carefully asked him earlier where I could block this blanket for a day without causing him problems, and he said “in the office.” So I pinned it to the floor in the office. He had come in and out of the room several times before and always stepped over the blanket. Then he came in and stepped right on the pins barefoot (ouch!), broke one or two of them, got mad at me for pinning it to the floor “right in front of the door” and griped about it for a while.

I was working late because of the distractions caused by thunderstorms, fires, etc. and he got mad about that, too, and went out to ride his bike. I can’t go biking till my thigh heals.

All in all, not a very good day. Blah. But I have some nice knitterly things to post about–Hemlock Ring, etc.–when I’m in a better mood. I’ll try not to be such a Gloomy Gus next time.