Saturday was the most exciting day I’ve had in a long time! It was World Wide Knit In Public Day, and I did that in the morning–more about that later–followed by:

  • a bike ride with Jeanne to tour a local cob-built house,
  • my first visit to a new Ukrainian deli a few doors down from the new yarn store, where I bought lactose-free cultured sour cream and poppyseed lebkuchen and we shared some strange sodas (Duchesse pear and “bouratino”-flavored sodas: Pinocchio, un burattino, turns out to be the Eastern European symbol for cream soda. Who knew?)
  • a Bloomington scavenger hunt (more on this on another day, it merits its own post). We won, amazingly! This scarf played a pivotal role…
  • Starting to read a very interesting new book, The Fruit Hunters, by (oddly enough, though I should have known from the reference to fisting within the first chapter) the editor of VICE Magazine (link probably not safe for work)

So–WWKIPD. The Bloomington group was on the top row, very center of the WWKIP Day photo mosaic yesterday! I didn’t finish writing this blog post before the end of the day, so we’ve been replaced in the meantime…

I prepared the night before by going through my stash and pulling out all the yarn I wanted to destash, realizing I couldn’t possibly carry everything on my bike (Rahul was out of town and had the car), and sorting it into potentially saleable items and things I just wanted to get out of my house and into good hands. A skein of Shetland cobweb-weight yarn, piles and piles of recycled sweater yarn from thrift store sweaters (some not quite out of sweater form yet, but all of it pretty nice, if I do say so myself), a few skeins of leftover Lopi, random skeins of handspun, various leftover partial skeins of nice yarns like Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and Malabrigo… I had to leave most of my saleable yarn at home, to sell later on Ravelry, but wound up packing my entire bike basket, a backpack, and a messenger bag with yarn and biking (in a very wobbly and overloaded way) to the market.

In attendance:

  • Nicole
  • Kalani (go see her writeup!)
  • Katie (I’m stealing the photos her husband took to use on my blog, with her permission, because I couldn’t fit my camera into any of my bags, so I have no photos of my own). Her photo is the one featured in the Flickr photo mosaic.
  • Anna
  • Fee (go see her writeup! I suspect that might be my destashed handspun in the first photo)
  • Sylvia
  • Mari
  • April
  • (Am I forgetting anyone? If so, please let me know. Also, undoubtedly there will be more writeups coming along soon.)

Nicole and Katie had made flyers with LYS, “learn to knit” books, and S’n’B information to hand out; Katie made Ravelry business cards with the name of the local Bloomington group; Fee potato-stamped patches with yarn ball-and-needles motifs to hand out; Nicole brought her pile of “Hello, my name is” Ravelry buttons. We talked to various knitters and crocheters and handed out lots of flyers, cards, and yarn. (I contributed lots of free yarn, as did various other attendees, but Fee’s “FREE YARN” sign and basket was the most instrumental in actually getting it into people’s hands and attracting knitters to our group.)

I did some fairly mindless knitting (Sarah’s lace wedding shawl is in slow progress/swatching stages, but didn’t seem appropriate to bring to a public, group knitting event with my laptop and all), bought chard, honey, and garlic scapes from the market, and ate a tamale from my favorite stall.

I wore my Rusted Root, as you can see in the top photo. (Also, a new haircut):

L-R: April, me, Mari, Sylvia, Nicole, Fee’s husband Bryan, Fee, Kalani, Katie

This is the photo that was on the WWKIP website, though a few people were cropped out of it, I think. You can also see one of the plastic bags of yarn I brought to destash, right by Katie’s brown knitting bag: white Berroco Plush, the end of a skein of Malabrigo, recycled cream-colored Irish lambswool, a partial skein of navy blue acrylic, a small skein of handspun singles.

A good time was had by all, and best of all, I left the market minus what felt like about ten pounds of yarn, feeling very light and free–my backpack, bike basket, and messenger bag now empty. Kalani, Nicole, and I had lunch at Esan Thai, a Northern Thai restaurant across from the library, where I had a Thai iced coffee for the first time in ages… yum. I’ll definitely post more about the scavenger hunt at a later date–it was lots of fun, and I think other current or former Bloomingtonians might enjoy seeing how they would have done. Unfortunately, Steve accidentally deleted some of the earlier photos, and we’re hoping he can recover them from the memory card using a free recovery utility.

On the sewing front, I saw this infinity dress Cosmicpluto made and I am now obsessed with making one myself. The tutorial is here, and you should also page through the Craftster thread–it looks like an extremely versatile, comfortable, and flattering dress–not to mention extremely easy to sew, with just one seam as long as you use a stretch knit and don’t hem it. If I make it, if I can find thinner jersey fabrics to use, I was thinking I might line the strap parts with contrasting fabric. It would look cool, would provide a finished edge, and would also provide extra thickness and coverage. I hope I can find a nice stretchy knit fabric locally, because I just love love love this dress.