Leaving for Toledo today, California on Sunday. I may or may not be posting while I’m gone over the next 2 1/2 weeks or so. Any suggestions for good yarn shops to visit? I have no idea if I will actually have any time for such things–I’m not going to be in the Bay Area for a decent chunk of that time due to the wedding, and there are plenty of other things I want to do while I am in the Bay Area, but just in case. I know there’s a new one in Albany called k2tog, and I am always interested in visits to Artfibers, Imagiknit, Article Pract, Stonemountain and Daughter, Lacis, and Stash Yarns, but I’ve been to all of those except k2tog already.

Project list (I certainly won’t knit up all of it; it sounds like a lot, but there will be many hours in the car and airport/airplanes, and I expect many hours of downtime, too, so I should be able to make pretty good progress on something else once the shawl is out of the way):