I’m safely in California now, and at long last a few rows into the edging for the wedding shawl. I decided on the Wave Edging with a bit of faggoting between it and the body of the shawl.

This last weekend, I made it through Rahul’s cousin’s wedding, an intense, three-day party, full of dancing, drinking, and delicious food, for hundreds of friends and relatives.

After the wedding, Rahul and I and a couple of his cousins were asked to help clean up the altar. Most of the stuff went into a big trash bag or a box to take back up to the bride’s family’s rooms. However, we came across one problematic item–a big bowl full of ghee (clarified butter) that had been used during the ceremony as an offering to Agni, the fire god. The priest had been dipping a wooden stick of questionable (but surely very holy) origin into it the whole time, so we thought we shouldn’t put it back into the jar. However, also, apparently, at this point, the ghee was special or blessed or something and should not be thrown away. (Plus, I knew from my parents’ work at Three Stone Hearth that it was really awfully expensive to make that much ghee, and I couldn’t bear to put it in the trash.)

So, as we gathered up betel nuts and flowers from the altar, We handed the ghee to Rahul to dispose of somehow. Afterwards, we went out into the hallway outside the hotel’s banquet hall and found this sitting on a table (his head got a little bit cut off, but that is Ganesh, you can tell by the rat he’s sitting on.)

Free Ghee