Warning: this post is going to be totally uninteresting to anyone except present or former Bloomingtonians… oh, or if you want to see pictures of me wearing my finished Rusted Root and being totally sweaty and gross from running around town.

A while ago, I blogged about the Bloomington scavenger hunt I did with my friends Steve and Jeanne, the same day as World Wide Knit in Public Day. (We won the scavenger hunt, yay!) Well, Steve recovered most of the pictures he had accidentally deleted and I finally got the pictures up on my Flickr. Here’s a list of (slightly paraphrased) questions from the scavenger hunt, and explanations of any obscure/tricky ones (listed in white, in case you want to play along and guess for yourself–to see the answers, highlight the text). Click through the links to see the photos we used to score points. We had to stick together–no splitting up–and a team member had to be in each photo. Using the internet to find answers was allowed, but we didn’t have an iPhone so we ended up just grabbing random people on the street and asking them questions. Or calling them with desperate, weird chemistry questions (thanks, Leigh!) Too bad we didn’t have an iPhone, since Bloomingpedia would have made a great resource for figuring all this out.

The back door of the Upstairs Bar (this is right on Kirkwood, across from the Jungle Room)

Get a glass of water from someone over the age of 35 (taken outside Nick’s English Hut on Kirkwood)

You and six of your best buds (bonus points if they’re all empty; extra bonus points for bringing the beers to the judges, which we did after a bit of debate about whether it was worth hauling the six-pack around town). Taken in the Big Red across from the Copper Cup.

Beefeaters at Nick’s (This is a photo of bartenders at Nick’s English Hut, holding up a bottle of Beefeaters gin. The one we actually used for scoring had Steve in it, but it got deleted.)

Which way to the gun show?

Bonus points for having a team name, extra bonus points for being in a team uniform by the end of the night (we put sticks in our hair and called ourselves Team Brown and Sticky, after my favorite joke: Q: What’s brown and sticky? A: A stick!)

Swap shirts with a stranger. Bonus points if you swap shirts with someone of the opposite sex. Extra bonus points for a permanent swap. (I was not willing to swap my Rusted Root permanently or have a guy put it on and stretch it out, same with Jeanne and her NORML T-shirt, so Steve had to be the intrepid swapper.)

An IU Valentine’s day tradition at the Rosewell House (sic). Bonus points for something creative. (The Rose Well house is that pretty round gazebo thing in the meadow near the statue of Herman B. Wells. This is not actually a V-day tradition, and it’s spelled the Rose Well House; the IU website says “Tradition holds that a female student is not officially a co-ed until she has been kissed beneath its dome at midnight.” As for the kink, we went for the good ol’ threesome.)

The NYSE stock ticker (Steve just got his MBA, and Jeanne and I are “Kelley partners,” i.e. significant others of business school students, so of course we all knew this was in the atrium of the Kelley School of Business at 10th and Fee!)

The old entrance to the Little 500 stadium (now the Arboretum–just across from the business school)

That fucking light pillar (right outside the IU Art Museum, of course)

A freshman with a backpack, bonus points if they’re with their parents (we found a fresh-faced youngster in a car on campus with her parents, outside Woodburn. Check out the dad’s face.)

IU’s United Colors of Benton (Thomas Hart Benton painted a series of murals about Indiana history in 1933, and it includes an image of a KKK rally, leading people to protest and demand its removal. The mural can be found in Woodburn Hall, and I’m told a special lecturer has to come in and explain its historical context every semester to the students who have classes in this hall. More information here.)

A proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem (we stopped in a computer lab to take this photo)

A union member card (we used Jeanne’s credit union membership card)

The bridge that Roosevelt built (I knew this one right away because I’d taken the photos of The Water is Wide there! It’s behind the little chapel beside the Union. If you’re wondering what we’re doing in this photo, we’re pretending to build it.)

A Little 500 bike; and bonus points for photos of the judges (this latter clue was printed in tiny gray type and we didn’t even see it. Fortunately, we saw one of the judges riding around campus on her Little 500 bike and took a picture of her, after which she told us we’d get bonus points for that. Apparently there’s also a Little 500 bike hanging from the ceiling upstairs at Nick’s.)
In the Jordan River (this is the little stream running through Dunn Meadow)

Burritos as big as your head; also, the old Den (it’s gone now, but there was a burrito place upstairs from what was the old Den and was Trulli Flatbreads and is now Finch’s Brasserie–visible across the street)

Two men in a sex position

A full moon (it was 3 days before full moon when the scavenger hunt took place. The judge was relieved when she saw this photo, of the label of a hippie candle at Bloomingfoods. She said she had never seen so many bare, hairy, ugly man-butts in her life, because most people had taken a picture of someone mooning. We tried to get random people on the street to help us out with this, but nobody obliged. Even a crazy punk guy lying on a bench on the street seemed embarrassed and said his butt was too hairy to show us.)

Lloyd Dobler’s iconic moment (Lloyd Dobler sounded so familiar, but we couldn’t pin down who he was. I knew he must be from some movie, so we ran into Plan 9 Film Emporium and asked the clerk. Turns out he’s John Cusack’s character from Say Anything, so instead of finding a boom box for the photo, we took a recursive sort of photo of Steve doing the pose holding the DVD case for Say Anything, depicting Lloyd Dobler holding up a boom box.)

The porch of the old Uncle E’s (Uncle Elizabeth’s was a gay bar that used to be at Morton and 9th. I really liked it–too bad it’s gone now. It had a patio with Christmas lights and outside tables, and fun music on the jukebox, and a laid-back vibe)

We lost photos for some of the clues we got…

– A sample resume from Career Services

– Your own resume

– Bring us the LD50 of 1,3,7-trimethyl-1H-purine-2,6(3H,7H)-dione (I left the chemgrrl a message asking for help and she called back to explain what LD50 means. We ran into the Chemistry Building to try and find someone to help us out on what 1,3,7-trimethyl-1H-purine-2,6(3H,7H)-dione was, but ended up getting the answer from another team. To get partial points for this clue, we took a picture of me in front of Starbucks… the actual LD50 is pretty high, corresponding to about 96 pounds of milk chocolate or 173 cups of coffee.)

– Hoagy Carmichael’s graduation hangout (now BuffaLouie’s/the Gables on Indiana and Kirkwood)

Here are some of the clues we didn’t get:

– A photo from the archive where Stacy worked last summer (we were fuming about how unfair this question was for a while, but it turned out the judges didn’t expect anyone to show up to the scavenger hunt except their friends, hence in-jokes like this)

– The top floor of the main library

– A Greek goddess, bonus if she’s holding her shoes (all the sorority girls were out of town, it seemed!)

– The old Pit Stop (the current location of Player’s Pub, but we didn’t have time to go down there)

– Items from the U of C scavenger hunt

– Bonus points for money for the judges–one point per dollar

– A photo in a dorm bathroom; bonus points if you’re showering, minus points if you’re using the toilet

– The second floor of McCalla (the art school at 9th and Indiana)

– A Roly Poly sub

– A picture containing both the ghetto Kroger and the Square in a single photo (the ghetto Kroger is the one across from Seminary Square; we went up some fire escapes trying to get this shot, but apparently you need to go up onto the roof of a parking structure to get this photo)

You do this to forget my name while you collect your fame (wear your sunglasses at night! I was kicking myself for not getting this, I knew it sounded so familiar)