Our house is empty, our car is stuffed to the brim, and people from Craigslist keep emailing me about my ad for “free stuff.” OH BOY, HALF A BOTTLE OF FANTASTIK! FREEEEEE! What all this means is that we’re moving today! Well, between today and the following Friday–we’ll be homeless and in limbo all next week.

Hopefully I’ll get a lot done next week while we’re staying with Rahul’s relatives–I haven’t done any address changes except with the PO, haven’t signed up for Internet service yet… in short, haven’t done any of various fairly important things that really need doing. However, I did see How is babby formed? (warning, direct link to Flash animation) for the first time and laughed my ass off. That’s productive, right? Anyway, if I can find my camera cable from wherever it’s been packed, and if I can get internet access from my laptop next week, perhaps I’ll be also able to put up some photos soon of more of my vacation knitting, and our farewell knit-n-drink night at the Pour House and the Root Cellar.

Goodbye, Bloomington! I’ve had a great time here. I am especially going to miss my knitting friends here. I hope I can find as great a group of people to knit with in our new hometown.