The dorkiest sign in the world:

This PSA is on the back of some buses in Bloomington. Rahul came home one day and told me he’d seen a bus that said “Don’t be wack, turn down your track! Your ‘B’ is too loud!” This sounded so unbelievably stupid, I thought he was making it up. But it was true. He misremembered the wording, and the “B” actually spells part of “boom”–or rather, “boooom”–not that that’s much better. Note how they wrote “whack” with an “h” in an effort to be hip and with it.

I wonder if this has encouraged any young hoodlums driving by to pause and think, “Golly, I never realized my Boooom was too loud! I’d better Turn Down My Track so people don’t think I’m ‘Whack.'”