• spun a lot! Pictures to come–I made a cabled yarn from my indigo-dyed Coopworth, a fluffy little bit of Navajo-plied yarn from my black llama batt, finally plied the rest of my stormy handspun singles, and spun singles from lovely Michele the llama‘s roving–her fur is just as lovely as her personality. I am in love with her fiber–caramel-colored, fluffy and wispy, with bits of shimmery white, and easier to spin than the silky black fiber. I’m trying to make a fairly lofty worsted two-ply–we’ll see how it goes. Oh, and I predrafted a lot of the green roving (the green I got on sale is 8 oz. Coopworth dyed with fustic and indigo).
  • cooked a big batch of sauce with tomatoes from the farmer’s market, and a nice dinner last night: roasted cauliflower and fingerling potatoes (also from the market), a wild rice/brown rice mix, and a chickpea stew with kohlrabi greens and Moroccan-ish spices.
  • Started brewing beer! We enjoyed many bottles of delicious home-brewed beer courtesy of our good friends Jeanne and Steve back in Bloomington. Since we live quite close to the Wine and Hop Shop now, we thought we’d give brewing a try. The nice man assured me that we wouldn’t go blind from misbrewed beer, unless we somehow manage to distill the alcohol. It was kind of an aggravating experience (lugging big buckets of water/sanitizer mix, trying not to contaminate anything, running out of room in the wort pot) but might be better next time, once we have the whole setup figured out. Right now, the bucket is on the landing and fermenting fiercely. The house is quiet and all I can hear is a steady, somewhat alarmingly lively gloop gloop gloop sound from CO2 escaping the air lock.