Once upon a time, there were three women, elliphantom, hapagirl (go check out her amazing new sock pattern!), and yours truly, who went to visit a llama farm named Yellow Wood Llamas.

They made fast friends with an incredibly friendly llama named Michele.

And brought home some of her wool–fine and silky soft, caramel-brown with bits of white.

The wool became singles:

And then the singles were plied together into a nice two-ply:

And the wool was skeined and washed:

and it became ever so beautiful.

(~4 oz./176 yards/11 wpi)

There was also a 1.4 oz silky black batt from a llama named Kona.

It looked really creepy, actually, like a matted head of hair, so it got spun up really quickly to avoid the feeling of a decapitated head lying on the couch. It was a little harder to draft smoothly, so it was a little lumpy-bumpy, and ended up as a shiny Navajo 3-ply (only about 42 yards):

And the two yarns sat waiting patiently for a handsome, charming pattern to come along and sweep them away to finished object-land, where they could live happily ever after.

The End.