I normally get somewhere between 300 and 400 hits a day. Yesterday I got 1,377 visitors and my stats aren’t showing where everyone’s coming from–an email newsletter or something, it looks like. If you’re one of the thousands who came by from that link and you’re reading this, would you mind leaving me a comment to let me know how you found my site? thank you in advance, I’m very curious!

So… I had started drafting a post earlier about the amazing time we had on Election Night, but I’ve just been way too busy this week to finish it. In the meantime, the short version: it was amazing, it was historic, and there was Much Rejoicing here in Madison: cheering, laughing, dancing, people playing drums in the street and high-fiving strangers and chanting as they marched down State Street under American flags, with fireworks exploding overhead. I cried when he gave his acceptance speech. Yes, I know Obama’s not going to solve everything or turn water to wine, but I feel happy and hopeful. Finally, for the first time in my entire life as a voter, I feel like democracy is alive and well and working.