My stupid internet access at home has been down almost constantly for the past two days, so I’ve been bouncing from cafe to cafe to work, using their wi-fi and praying it won’t be too slow. Today we might get 6 inches of snow–there are lots of windblown flakes out there looking very wintry–and there’s nothing I would like more than the luxury of staying at home and drinking hot chocolate instead of going out to work. On the bright side, without the temptation of aimless internet surfing, it’s much easier to go to bed at a reasonable time.

Anyway, until my internet connection is fixed, I can’t do much blogging. I just wanted to post today to let you all know that I’ve revised the pattern for the Prismatic Scarf to fix some common problems people were having with it: I used knitting symbols on the chart instead of the extremely confusing “k” and “p” I had chosen originally, changed the pattern to start on the RS instead of the WS, and incorporated the i-cord edging into the stitch pattern instructions instead of saying “work edging, work from stitch pattern chart, work edging”–several people on Ravelry had gotten confused because of this and left out the i-cord edging altogether. Anyway, hopefully it will be an improvement, and hopefully I haven’t accidentally introduced other, worse problems while making these revisions. Also, due to the change to the chart symbols, the pattern is now only available as a PDF, instead of as both HTML and PDF.