I’ve been doing lots of knitting! Most of today has been spent lounging around, knitting, watching TV, and reading. I finally finished up my Eastlake sweater and it’s all seamed and sewn, ends woven in, and blocking now. I also got around to blocking my Flicca–it’s so huge that I couldn’t block it in the bathroom sink, where I normally block my handknits, so I had to throw it in the washing machine with some Eucalan to soak and spin dry. (Grapefruit scented, my favorite.)

So Eastlake was the bulk of my knitting today, but I also knit up a pretty cream wool hat last night, I’m halfway through another hat intended as a present, and I cast on for a super secret present for Rahul. I’m not being very strategic about my gift crafting, but at least I’ve started, which is something, and proved to myself that I can at least make one hat per evening if I put my mind to it, even on work days.

I’ve been feeling kind of sore and under the weather all week, either due to fighting off infections or due to the 3 vaccines I got last week in preparation for my trip (tetanus/diphtheria/whooping cough, Hepatitis A, influenza) plus the course of oral typhoid vaccine I’m halfway through right now. So I think a day filled with wearing pajamas, drinking tea, and knitting cashmere was just what I needed. Especially since the snow season in Wisconsin is here now, with several inches of fluffy snow blanketing the streets and the smaller lakes freezing over already. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go take a look at the ice on Lake Wingra.