Currently riding high on my personal list of things that are marvelous and amazing: The Tim Tam Slam.

(Erqsome beat me to the punch on documenting this awesomeness, as I found out when I searched Ravelry for forum posts about Tim Tams, but they are too good to go unmentioned here as well.)

A couple of months ago, Rahul and I saw a video of Natalie Imbruglia talking about the Tim Tam Slam on a talk show. We didn’t think much of it, but when we were in a grocery store in Hong Kong, he said, “hey, there are those cookies from that Youtube video–do you want to try them?”

So we bought a package of the dark chocolate-covered variety for the equivalent of $1 and change and went back to our hotel, where I brewed a cup of instant coffee with the Nescafe powder, non-dairy creamer, and electric kettle in our room. (The Cityview is a nice hotel, by the way, if you’re planning to visit Hong Kong–very convenient location.)

I bit off the corners of the Tim Tam, stuck it in the mediocre coffee, sipped it up, and crammed the disintegrating chocolate cookie into my mouth. The whole concept seemed a little gross, so I was completely unprepared for the mind-blowing deliciousness that ensued.

I’m ashamed to tell you just how many Tim Tams we then proceeded to eat. Suffice it to say that it was Too Many, and I speak from hard-earned experience when I say that no matter how tempting it seems at the time, you should eat no more than two Tim Tams in a single sitting. Two and a half, max.

We brought another package back with us, and made the fortuitous discovery that Pepperidge Farm is currently selling Tim Tams at Target for a limited time only. You can even get a coupon here, although we couldn’t get it to work. (Even with the coupon they cost a few times more than they do in Asia, unfortunately.) We bought a few boxes of them on our last Target run, and have been enjoying them with good coffee, and in moderation this time.

Although this may seem like heresy, I recommend the following technique to make your Tim Tam enjoyment last longer:

  • Break each Tim Tam in half.
  • Bite one corner off each half-Tim Tam.
  • Put the bitten corner in your mouth and the broken half into the liquid.
  • Consume as you would for a whole Tim Tam.

This way you get two Tim Tam explosions out of a single cookie and it takes slightly longer than the usual ~10 seconds to consume 180 calories and 22% of your daily saturated fat allowance.

Other great stuff:

These Dacca boots made from recycled plastic bags.

Day of the Triffids. (I have a glut of post-apocalyptic fiction out from the library at the moment and need to update Goodreads when I have a chance. The Road by Cormac McCarthy was fantastic, too.)

The sweater I am currently working on: o w l s, from needled! I’m making this in Beaverslide McTaggart Tweed in Big Sky Blue, bought from someone’s destash on Ravelry, and I have already finished both sleeves (two at a time, Magic Loop–when there are less than 30 sts per sleeve, the knitting goes fast!) I’m strongly attracted not only to the finished sweater but also the notes people have left on Ravelry saying how they finished the sweater in mere days. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the part where I have to sew on dozens of buttons. But it will be worth it in the end, and I expect it will be fun to sift around in my button box to find suitable eye-buttons.

Beaverslide has a good reputation (cf. KR, BT, and Friender, a fellow Madisonian) and I can confirm it is a lovely yarn to work with–light, matte, woolly, spongy. It’s quite fragile, a bit uneven, but really pleasant to work with, and it’s next-to-skin soft, belying its rustic appearance. I hope it blooms when I wash it, as it looks a little too stretched-thin when I try on the sleeves, due to the negative ease.

I wear a lot of pullovers when it gets cold, and most of my nice warm rugged ones are store-bought, so I’m really excited to get this one done.

Oh and one more great thing. One of my local yarn shops, Lakeside Fibers, which was already pretty fantastic overall, is now serving wine in the cafe–as if delicious locally sourced food, a panoramic lake view, and locally roasted coffee weren’t enough. My neighborhood Stitch ‘n’ Bitch is in a wine bar, but sadly, it lacks any yarn aside from what we have personally brought in. Now I have a place where I can get Dream in Color merino and a nice glass of California Chardonnay in the same room.