The new Twist Collective was posted recently. As usual, it felt like a big treat to leaf through it, but at the end of the day there was nothing that felt like a must-knit or even a must-queue for me. I liked:

  • Wallflower, which is gorgeous but the hell if I’m ever going to make stranded fingering-weight socks on size 0 needles and pay $6 for the privilege
  • Timpani, which reminds me of Rebel but more wearable,
  • Celandine, with its beautiful yoke/shoulder details. I would probably wear it if someone gave it to me, but I can’t see myself ever getting excited enough about it to knit it.
  • A lot of the shawls in the Arabesque section seem like they would be really beautiful, but I hit lace shawl overload after a certain point and they all started looking the same.

Did you see the women/men comparison chart? I was following a vitriolic thread in a feminist group on Rav about how sexist and unfunny this was, with a series of angry letters written to Twist Collective about how they were boycotting them due to this story, but I lost interest when someone from Twist came into the thread and explained that one of their other stories had fallen through last-minute and they were offered this book excerpt to fill the hole by one of their sponsors. How rational–how boring!

Also, of more interest, I finally picked up a copy of the latest Knitscene, which is not actually so new, and was actually really hard to find. I had browsed through it a month or two ago when it first came back, didn’t buy it, and then when I went back to the yarn shop to get it, they said they were all sold out and it was out of print, no more copies available. I had to check a few different bookstores around here before I found it (they still have a couple of copies at the West Towne Barnes and Noble, if anyone else in Madison is looking). The Conifer Shawl , Geodesic Cardigan, and Helleborus Yoke cardigan are my favorite patterns from this issue. Also, I like the Surf Stripes raglan but look at that picture where it’s shown from the back–there’s something really weird going on with those stripes. I hope that’s not part of the pattern.

I do not understand the art direction in the “Au Printemps” story, though. It’s like the backdrop for my junior high school photos, or maybe Glamour Shots. Except with maybe even weirder fashion choices than junior high, if that’s possible. Really? What are these layers?

That is not really so bad though. Compare this: the uber-hip boutique did their latest photoshoot in the dilapidated and smelly Central library in downtown Madison and it epitomizes weird fashion against a weird backdrop. (At least, it’s weird for me; I park my bike right by where she’s standing with the polka dot shorts and teal satin bustier, and the table where she’s poring over a book is usually full of homeless people carrying bags full of stuff.) Check it out.