It only took me a year and a half, but I have completed an actual pair of socks. Yes, two of them! One for each foot!

I only have a picture of the first one, which I completed back in February 2009, but use your imagination and pretend that there is a second one as well. (Actually, I realized to my horror after finishing Sock #2 that I did not have Sock #1 in that knitting bag as I’d originally thought, so let’s hope I can find it at home and don’t have to take another year to make a Sock #3.)

Pattern: Interlocking Leaves, by Kelly Porpiglia, from Knitty Fall 2008

Size made: Small

Yarn used: Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in Redwood Mix, less than 1 skein. I liked this yarn–it’s apparently machine washable (haven’t tried it yet) but doesn’t have the weirdly plasticky hand of some superwash wools. The color, like for most of Berroco’s yarns, is fantastic–a deep red heather, warmer than what I’d call burgundy, but definitely more red than the auburn brown I think of when I think “redwood”. It’s somewhat hairier and rougher than the other sock yarns I’ve knit with (which are typically merino) but it’s not scratchy.

Needles used: US 1½ (2.5 mm) Knit Picks Harmony DPNs

Date started: Sock #1: January 15, 2009. Sock #2: can’t remember exactly, but I think it was around May 19? Just a little bit before Memorial Day, in any case.

Date completed: Sock #1: February 4, 2009. Sock #2: June 6, 2010. Sounds like a long time, but I still have a lonely Pomatomus somewhere in the house that I knit in May 2007, so it’s still not a record for longest time spent single. (I really should probably start knitting them two at a time.)

Mods/Notes: This is a lovely pattern, and the socks fit nicely and seem like they’ll be warm and comfortable. The only issue I had, which happened on both socks due to the long time elapsed between finishing Sock 1 and starting Sock 2, was that I kept thinking the gray shaded squares represented “no stitch” and skipping over them, which, since they actually represent purl stitches, led to a lot of issues at the end of each round containing gray squares.

These socks do not look very attractive when unblocked and not on a foot.

In other crafty news: I’ve been in Boston for work, so on commenters’ recommendations, I visited two yarn shops (Mind’s Eye Yarns and Windsor Button) but displayed admirable restraint and did not buy any yarn while in Boston despite the very tempting 25% off sale at Mind’s Eye and the overwhelming supply of gorgeous buttons at Windsor Button. I met longtime blog commenter Luise at Mind’s Eye (hi, Luise!) and got to spend some time chatting and browsing yarn and books, which was lovely. I limped around Boston all weekend–you never realize how many stairs there are in T stations until you’re semi-disabled–and picked up a Vogue fitting shell pattern on sale at Winmill Fabrics, which hopefully I can use to get a good fit on Vogue/Butterick patterns once and for all, if I can convince myself to be virtuous enough to spend time sewing a muslin instead of an actual garment.

I’m heading back home early tomorrow morning. It was a nice trip, and between the travel and not being able to walk around too much, I got in lots of knitting time! Aside from the socks, I’ve also finished one Bodhi Mitten (knitting them in dark blue Malabrigo) and expect to finish the second one in the next few days.