Yesterday was a very exciting day, craftually speaking. I’m in Boston for the month, so I had to figure out ways to keep myself out and about and amused… started the day by attending a local Stitch ‘n’ Bitch brunch in Brighton, where I met a bunch of great people and had a fantastic time. I made good progress on some of my Christmas knitting, too, and one of my fellow knitters was so taken with my Latitude and Longitude cowl that she immediately whipped out her iPad and bought one right then and there, then went to a yarn shop afterwards to buy some Silk Garden. I was immensely flattered. Also, I really want an iPad so I can make impulsive purchases too.

I wandered downtown for the rest of the day, had some xiao long bao soup dumplings in Chinatown and bought some fabric thinking that even without my sewing machine, I might be able to manage a dress for the company Christmas party–since it’s jersey and lace, if I choose the right pattern, I can get away with very little sewing since those fabrics won’t need to be hemmed. I’m kind of obsessed with this circle dress tutorial –it’s interesting, the center of the circle is not placed at the waist like most circle skirt dresses, but at the high bust!–but I could probably switch it to an infinity dress if it’s not working out. Making my own holiday dress may be one of my worst ideas ever, but I did bring two backup LBDs in case the dress goes horribly wrong. (The fabrics I chose are a shiny and somewhat heavy burgundy lycra knit and to temper the leotard-ness of it, a black lace overlay.)

Anyway, after wandering the boutiques of the Back Bay and experiencing Boston’s many fine modes of public transportation, I wasn’t back at the hotel again for ages. When I finally made it back around 10 PM and logged into my email, I was shocked to find a number of emails telling me that WIL WHEATON had tweeted my knitted Dalek! I normally get a small number of visitors, in the hundreds per day range, but yesterday I got more than 14,000 (I guess that’s pretty poor percentage-wise looking at his total number of Twitter followers, but whatever, I was thrilled anyway! If you’re a new reader who found me from that link, welcome, and I hope you stick around!) I made it to the WordPress Blog of the Day list of top posts, the Tardis newsroom roundup, and the Craftzine blog, and I got a comment from Emma Bull–I totally loved Finder and the Liavek stories in high school so this was totally thrilling too. Ah, 15 minutes of fame, you taste so sweet 🙂

I’ve gotten some comments asking if the Dalek is for sale. That particular one has been given as a gift; I am willing to make more to order provided you are willing to pay $500 apiece 🙂 If that sounds good, hurray, leave me a comment and I’ll get in touch with you! If, as is more likely, that’s not in your budget, you might consider taking up knitting, asking a friend or relative, or putting in an Alchemy request on Etsy. (Why so much? Hand knitting is skilled labor and takes a huge amount of time. What you see in most storebought knitwear, like $5 scarves at Walmart, is machine knitting. Before you complain about someone giving you a handmade sweater for Christmas, consider that many dozens of hours of labor went into that present and, depending on the yarn used, maybe $100+ in materials costs.)

Anyway, it’s Sunday, and that means it’s time for the Knitcircus giveaway drawing. Thank you for commenting about my Bel Canto cowl. I’ve done the random number drawing and the lucky winner is Ms. Selkie! Congrats, Andrea, I’ve emailed you. Also, I have not forgotten about the little owl who made friends with the Dalek. More details about him in due course…