I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area (mostly Berkeley) and moved in July 2006 to Bloomington, Indiana, where my boyfriend is in business school. I technically learned to knit in 2001, but didn’t get very far at the time–after a few months, I’d produced a few tiny inches of garter stitch acrylic, and gave it up as hopeless.

I took it up again in the spring of 2006 and have been making up for lost time since then, learning to spin in the fall of 2006, and buying my very own spinning wheel in May 2007.

I like guinea pigs and food and books.

You can find me as orata on Ravelry and other crafty sites. Orata is the Italian name for a type of golden-silvery fish also known as dorado, daurade, or gilthead seabream. No particular significance to it–it’s just a nice-sounding word.

Feather and Fan, as you surely know if you’re reading this blog, is a traditional lace stitch with a lovely, poetic-sounding name. It’s also known as Old Shale; Barbara Walker suggests that this name perhaps came from the appearance of wave prints on shale sand beaches. (It wasn’t a very good branding decision, since I can’t very well search for “feather and fan knitting” to find references to my own blog. Perhaps I should have thought about it for more than about 2 seconds when naming my site.)

All photos hosted by Flickr. Thanks, flickr!

You can email me at the name of this blog, minus the spaces, at gmail.com.