It’s very hot here, which makes me not want to do anything except take cold showers and eat frozen grapes. When I can actually bear to hold a big pile of yarn in my lap, I am slowly working on a Liesl in Golden Siam–opting for the low neckline, cap sleeves, and probably a ribbon tie at the neck to close it–although what I think I really need as for my wardrobe is a plain, reasonably fine-gauge white cardigan and one in plain black too. Ideas: Manu, Favorite Cardigan, Leitmotif Cardigan.

So, instead of showing you anything I’ve made, here are a bunch of other things you can look at instead. (I’ve been girlin’ it up like crazy lately for some reason. OMG CLOTHESHAIRMAKEUPLOLOLOL)

Yarn as drugs metaphor, expanded. Surprisingly, Cracksilk Haze is not even mentioned.

Giant flower pillow tutorial. I would like a gray leather handbag with an enormous flower like this on the front.

New Look 6000. Retro sheath dress with starburst gathering on one side and an option for a big foldover collar. There was a Vogue pattern with similar lines (can’t remember the pattern number) that I wanted to make about a year ago, but it got such terrible reviews for being poorly drafted, with the pieces not fitting together, that I thought it wouldn’t be worth the trouble. This, on the other hand, might be worth picking up and sewing for fall.

I love this no-heat vintage curls tutorial. My hair is hopeless at holding a curl, but I’ve been trying to get this to work anyway since I haven’t cut it in about a year and it’s actually long enough to do interesting things with again (and putting it up keeps it off my neck). I can’t get my elastic band updo nearly as neat and pretty as these examples, but the dental hygienist did compliment me on it when she was cleaning my teeth the other day.

Neon friendship bracelets.

Free Spotify invitations.

Adorable one-yard skirt patterns from Spoonflower designers. I wish they gave more details on the pages, like if the $18/yd 45-inch quilting cotton will do, or if you need to order it on one of the more expensive bases like cotton sateen or linen-cotton.

Clothkits skirt kits. So pretty, so expensive.

Alice in Wonderland-themed perfumes from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. It seems nuts to buy perfume online, but the scents sound amazing and the forums offer extensive, very descriptive reviews that tempted me into ordering a sampler. We’ll see if I like it once it arrives–I’m not much of a perfume wearer, but the ones I like are generally citrus, vanilla, or tea-based, all of which appear in spades (ha ha) in the Mad Tea Party collection.

Knot shorts. Can’t remember if I posted about this before but I really want to make a pair before summer’s out. Not sure how the ties should scale up. 6″ long on a 5-year-old = ?? on a 31-year-old?