The knitting continues apace. I didn’t get a chance to photograph my latest FO, another Northampton hat, or my latest WIP, yet another scarf in Plymouth Boku. So instead, here are pictures of a deliciously shimmery scarf I knit a while back.

Pattern: Vintage Velvet Redux from Katydid Knits/Trillian42, a modification of the Vintage Velvet Scarf from Scarf Style

Yarn used: 3 skeins of Muench Touch Me in 3642 Pink Coral, bought on steep discount (“only” $7.18 a skein!) from Knit Happens, but still fiendishly expensive for the yardage

Needles used: Size 8 Boye Needlemasters

Started: 3/9/07

Finished: 3/17/07, except felting; felted 4/22/07

Size: 59″ x 3.5″, unfelted; 64 x 3″, felted. Finished with 42 repeats of the pattern.
Mods: None, but if I made it again, I’d put the broken part of the broken rib next to the cables, instead of the stockinette columns.

Notes: Like just about everyone else in the world, I hate working with chenille–it twists around and gets fuzz everywhere–but the finished product is really nice. After felting, the yarn got kind of smooshed and not really as voluptuously soft as it was before–I’m hoping that wearing it for a while will raise the nap of the chenille again. Mashing the nap down in the dryer did, however, make the scarf insanely beautiful. The ribbed cable and framing knits and purls are defined beautifully, all chiaroscuro curves and textures. Trillian42’s mods are brilliant, a great way to make only 183 yards of felted yarn go far enough in a reversible, cabled pattern to actually be a decent-sized scarf.