As I was knitting this scarf, the colors and pattern brought back lots of memories of the colors and objects of my 1980s girlhood:

the diagonal-striped friendship bracelets we used to make out of knotted embroidery floss, safety-pinned to the ripped knees of our stonewashed jeans;

Rainbow Brite and her flying, rainbow-maned horse Starlite;

the black Lycra leggings I had with hot pink stripes up the sides of the legs;

the colorful squares of the Candy Land board;

and the Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers depicting all types of happy fantasy creatures cavorting in clouds of hearts and rainbows in a magical neon wonderland. Lisa Frank always used those same motifs in that same palette, creating a familiar place out of time, like a Thomas Kinkade for the 9-year-old-girl set.

So with Lisa Frank in mind, I decided to name this scarf the Unicorn Pegasus Rainbow Scarf. There’s nothing really special about it, it’s just striped garter stitch on the bias, but it makes a nice answer to the eternal question of what to do with two skeins of Noro.

Yarns used: The colors shown are Noro Kureyon 134 and 153, one skein each. (Unfortunately, only the overexposed flash photo shows the true neon colors of the scarf.) Any other self-striping, roughly worsted weight yarn would work nicely. Some ideas: Wool and wool blends: Almost any Noro yarn, Plymouth Boku, Rowan Tapestry, Patons SWS, Wisdom Poems, Twilleys Freedom Spirit, Berroco Foliage, Berroco Jasper, Crystal Palace Merino Stripes, Crystal Palace Taos, Southwest Trading Company Karaoke, K1C2 Paintbox, Artful Yarns Reality, Trendsetter Tonalita, Nashua Woolly Stripes, Di.Ve Teseo, Lang Mille Colori; more listed here.
Cotton and acrylic blends (for the No Sheep for You crowd): James C. Brett Marble, Katia Jamaica, Plymouth Bella Colour, Berroco Love It Colors, K1C2 Ty Dy

(Is the list missing one of your favorites? Leave a comment and let me know!)

Needle size: Size 10 US/6mm metric, straight or circular

Finished dimensions: Unblocked: 7″ x 52″. Blocked: 5″ x 69″

Gauge: Approx. 14 sts/14 rows over a 4″/10 cm square

Pattern: Throughout the entire scarf, you will switch yarns every 2 rows, carrying the unused color loosely up the side of the scarf rather than cutting and re-joining it. Don’t pull the carried color too tightly, or the scarf will bind on one side.

CO 3 sts.

Section A, Increases:
Row 1: K1fb, knit to end, k1fb.
Row 2: Knit across.
Repeat these two rows until there are 33 sts on the needle. (The stitches on your needle form a diagonal line across your scarf; measuring either of the side edges of your knitting at this point will give you the finished width of your scarf. If you want to adjust your scarf to be narrower, stop the increases earlier; if you want it wider, keep going with the increases until the side edge is as long as you would like the scarf to be wide.)

Section B, Straight Knitting:
Row 1: K1fb, knit to end, k2tog.
Row 2: Knit across.
Repeat these two rows until you are almost out of yarn.

Section C, Decreases:
Row 1: ssk, knit to end, k2tog.
Row 2: Knit across.
Repeat these two rows until there are 3 sts left on the needle. Bind off.

Ravelry page / Ravelry PDF download (this is a clean, printable version of this pattern, with most of the pictures taken out)

by orata / Huan-Hua Chye, November 2007. v. 1.1. For personal, non-commercial use only. Please do not copy or distribute this pattern without express written permission.