It’s the New Year! So here’s where I poke my head up and go “Oh, I still have a blog?” I haven’t posted in the last half a year, but I have been knitting, albeit slowly. I lost or misplaced my camera, which still hasn’t turned up, so I kept putting off updates since I couldn’t take any photos… it still hasn’t turned up, but I finally got on the smartphone bandwagon with an iPhone 4S, so I can take photos again. Aside from the iPhone, which is obviously the biggest news, I did a couple of other exciting things in the meantime:

Got engaged. Check this out.

Got a cat. Her name is Lily.

She likes climbing in bags. Sometimes she gets picked up while she’s in a bag. She’s not really crazy about that.

Anyway, yeah. I will try to get back to posting more regularly this year! For now, I’m blaming all flakiness and distraction from the last half a year on one of the following: a) fancy phone, b) new cat, or c) wedding planning (which I actually haven’t really started, to be honest, but it’s a great excuse). Mostly (a), and of that, mostly Words with Friends, but I’ve had it long enough now that I may get better at tearing myself away from plotting triple word scores in every free moment.

Anyway, just a note to say I’m still around and will hopefully post a bit more until that “new year, new start” stuff wears off. Happy 2012!