Yesterday I came down with some annoying illness, most likely the flu. Woke up in the middle of the night on Sunday feeling nauseous and wondering if all the double dipping at the Superbowl party we went to might have landed me something terrible. Then I was so wiped out I took most of the day off work yesterday and spent about 10 hours sleeping (between my Sunday night sleeping and my sleeping last night). Now I’m back to work, but feeling feverish, crabby, achy, and tired. I’m hoping complaining will make me feel better!

Anyway–some knitting-related content:

– Here’s a nice little tutorial for making your own DPN WIP holders. Vegan ones, to boot.

– I started up my Hourglass Sweater again during one of the three or four hours I was awake yesterday. I couldn’t handle the thought of anything more than plain stockinette, so it worked out. I finished one sleeve (yay!) and started the second one. I’m knitting it in Fleece Artist BFL DK in Periwinkle and the colors are really gorgeous. I keep hearing all these paeans to the texture of BFL, so I’m interested to see how it looks and feels once it’s all knitted up, washed, and blocked.

– Of possible interest to Bloomington knitters: I stopped by the Textillery factory outlet this weekend. They have many nice, cheap woven throws and blankets; sadly, their selection of coned yarn is of more interest to weavers. There were a couple of nice yarns for knitting, super cheap, something like $10 a pound: some slightly slubby fingering-weight rayon (I swatched some of this in a lace class at Yarns Unlimited and it was actually really nice to knit, reminded me a bit of Sea Silk) that would be good for lace scarves or shawls, and some cotton chenille that would be nice for washcloths, such as the Reverse Bloom Flower Washcloth (pattern in Weekend Knitting, but available for free here). If you’re in the AIT/motel complex and trying to find the outlet, go down past the Quality Inn and all the way to the left.