The Berroco Fall 2008/2009 previews are up! As I predicted, I totally love the Woodland Gothic story in Norah Gaughan Vol. 3… no surprises there. The cover cardigan, Violette-le-Duc, looks interesting, but I’d like to see it worn upside down, as “a more traditional cocoon cardigan,” as they mention in the pattern description.

There are some cute patterns in the other books; I really like the Chapa pillows and the Paley cardigan. Some of the designs in the new Ultra Alpaca collection, like Unity or Ursa, look like they would be really nice to wear, but not very interesting to knit.

They have some new yarns up, too–I’m especially interested in the wool/silk blends, Inca Gold and Palace, but whether I end up using them will depend on the price point–Inca Gold is “at an honest price,” but I don’t know what that means.

There has been some crazy flooding here in the last week, but living in the middle of town, on the second floor, I thankfully haven’t seen any of it in person… just some wild electrical storms and rain. Nearby towns are almost totally underwater, the governor has declared a state of emergency, and they closed off the interstate freeways I-65 and I-70 going through Indianapolis, “the Crossroads of America,” and 37 North out of Bloomington. Pretty wild. Lots of pictures of the flooding in Bloomington in this slideshow.

Right now, though, it’s 95 degrees out and I’m going to go eat some Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts and make some pasta alla Norma out of Paula Wolfert’s Mostly Mediterranean–a really fun cookbook I have out from the library right now. (The first picture of the pasta in that link is singularly unappealing, like pasta alla garden slugs, but it’s really a very tasty dish. Kroger didn’t have ricotta salata, so I’m substituting smoked mozzarella… not very traditional, but I bet it will taste good.)